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Would I Be Seen As His Second Wife?


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Would I Be Seen As His Second Wife?


Good morning sister, pls post for me and hide my ID

I want to know if am doing the right thing. I met this guy in 2014, he’s from my mom’s side and we fell in love, but something happened when he proposed to me, I started seeing him as a devil, he’s calls irritated me talk more of seeing him and I couldn’t figure out what the problem was so I broke up with him.

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He tried all he could to gain my love back because he loved me so much and his family is one in a million, out of the heart break he  paid the bride price of a girl he barely knows and the girl gave birth to a baby girl but he has no love for her , they had no option than to go their separate ways and his money refunded back to him, he started coming back to me again and said that all the pastors he took my name to said am his wife but something is fighting it, I ignored him till my aunty confirmed it herself that she saw me wearing a mask in her dream but to the glory of God, she removed it.

Earlier this year, this same guy came again to our house to apologized that he made a big mistake  by trying to marry to forget me instead of fighting for our love, I didn’t feel those hatred I had on him even at his confession, I was even asking myself what happened between us, we started over again and his love for me never fades, this month he proposed but my question is, am I doing the right thing if i accept his proposal after all these years?

Would i be seen as his second wife cus I’ve not had such experience before? Am sorry for the long write ups.

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  1. I feel you should take it to prayer. Because marriage is a lifetime commitment. You need to be sure about what you are going into. My advice for you is to be careful and think well before taking any action.

  2. As long as he has separated from his ex and bride price returned, you can go ahead and marry. But remember there is a child between them,are you ready to accommodate the baby girl because you can’t separate her from her father when the time comes. Nothing like second wife in this case ooo,please go ahead if you love him genuinely. You also need to pray very well because life is spiritual,whatever that has covered your face against him in the past should not repeat itself again, remember this is marriage ooo. You are blessed, congratulations in advance.


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