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Am sad and don’t know what to do


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Am sad and don’t know what to do


Am sad and don’t know what to do,I have a baby of 10 months,am a teacher but am not allowed to bring my child with me to my place of work.

I do drop my baby with my mom till I close in d evening….my brother (13) years like kissing my boy when he wants to play with him but I do tell him I don’t like it but my mum is like am pampering my baby over him..she will start talking that am harsh ,bla blah.

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So this happened today I saw my brother   playing with my baby suddenly I saw him licking my baby p*nni’s and shouted at him but my mom didn’t allow me talk she just started talking that me am taking it as a big deal… did I know what they use to do with him(she thought it was ordinary kissing of the P.

Pls I need advice on how to handle the matter…I don’t feel like leaving my baby with her and my mom is very temperamental.

What should I do pls?

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  1. Hmmmm madam I beg you in the name of God take that baby away from them immediately. This is how innocent children suffer sexual abuse in silence. You have to act fast before it’s too late.
    You can take him to daycare even if it will cost you money at least do it for his future.

  2. Please enroll the little one in a creche by all means cause your baby isn’t safe with your people…

    This is nothing but sexual abuse and your mum failed to see nothing wrong in it…Do this for your son, enroll him into a good creche

  3. Take your baby away from them. You can enroll him in a day care in your area.
    Your brother needs help, you said he’s 13. That boy needs help, he needs to be aware of the right and wrong things to do. Help train him too ( I don’t mean bringing him to your house ooo). You can talk to him anytime you’re around teach him good manners and you can even help change the school he’s attending presently.

  4. Hello Sister. The four comments before mne says your Baby must leave that house, yes. Take him to a creche VERY CLOSE to you, how can your brother be licking a baby’s penis, but I’m thinking of something, are you sure your brother was not sexually molested or even currently by any man or woman pls do findings, pls do it, it is very suspicious. Your mum too, honestly, I think she must leave your house, how can she see it as a small matter. This is evil of your mother to condone it. GOD bless you Sister.


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