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He Wants To Insert A Herbs Into My Wife’s Virgina And She Disagree.Will This Lead To Her Infidelity?


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He Wants To Insert A Herbs Into My Wife’s Virgina And She Disagree….Will This Lead To Her Infidelity?


He needs your advise please…

Please Admin hide my identity, my marriage is 15years now with two kids but we want to have at least one or two more, but for the past 5years my wife stopped menstruating even though she is still young she is 37 while I’m 40.we have been going from one test to the other and all certified her okay,then we decided to try herbal, someone directed us to a herbal doctor that is equally running a gospel ministry as a pastor. the first month of talking herbs from him my wife saw her monthly circle flowing normally but got stopped again after the first month and never saw it again.

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This man hardly picks call due to his busy schedules because he has many patients who have equally turned to members of his ministry except my wife and I because I have been going there with my wife all through. Yesterday my wife forgot her phone in my office while going to work, and her phone started ringing repeatedly ,I saw that it was this Dr/pastor that was calling I was surprised since he don’t normally pick people’s call not to talk of calling them i didn’t pick the call,I rather called someone who gave her phone to my wife and told her that her doctor is calling non stop, and she said I should pick it, but I didn’t,I rather drove to her office when I was on break and gave her the phone and asked her to call him immediately let’s know if there is any problem?

To my surprise my wife said she will call him later,I asked why and she said that I can’t understand,I just looked at her and left, when she came back from work I now asked her if she has called the man back and she agreed and I now asked what’s the problem and she said that she has been having issues with the man , that he said she have not started to see her period , because she refused him from inserting a herbal leave that he claims will make her to menstruate and eventually get pregnant into her private part, that she can not insert on her own or her husband inserting it , that he is the only person that will do it and it will work.

I asked my wife why she refused, and she said that she can not intentionally remove her clothes to another man to insert a hand into her, that other hospitals that she went to do send female nurses or female Drs. We really need child/children  but how do I tell my wife to go and undress to another man, if she didn’t tell me I wouldn’t have a problem but now that I know, what do I do? if I force/encourage her to do it, what will be the out come? Is it not me that is encouraging her into infidelity? will he insert only herb? Please help.


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  1. Hello. This story is really irritating and disgusting, a man is asking what to do as per another man wants your wife to undress get naked to insert something in her private part, I can’t even understand what is wrong with you man. That so called Pastor is fake, you have two children and still looking for one or two, and you acting like you don’t have any child @ll, some men are really somehow. I can even believe this is a story, then tomorrow if you can feed the children properly you will say things are hard. Oga, forget that man completely, block his No and tell your wife never to pick his call or call him, can’t you see the man has an evil motive, you said he hardly picks his call but you see him calling your wife’s phone REPEATEDLY like said, that means he has been calling her before you found out, if that is not clear that he actually wants to sleep with your wife, then tell me what it is, how can a man want to insert something into a woman’s private part..this is madness. You and your wife are adults, pls act as such. GOD bless you.

  2. Next post please.. I am just pissed off here now.
    What an ingrate of a man.

    Let me calm down.

    You want to loose your wife to a herbal priest?
    Are you blinded or what?
    Which part of the world are you from?

    Ok.. Let me calm down again.

    Bye bye.

  3. You have two kids and you’re behaving like you have known. What is wrong with you to extent that you want another man to insert something to your wife’s vagina and you’re pushing her to it. Are you normal at all. Please stop this rubbish. This so irritating to hear.

  4. Oga why are you being so dull in reasoning or is the man’s charm working on you. You should be smart enough to know that this man wants to sleep with your wife.


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