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I Am Terrified Of My Boyfriend’s Parts & I Dislike His Packaging-Pls Advise


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I Am Terrified Of My Boyfriend’s Parts & I Dislike His Packaging-Pls Advise

Good day,

Please hide my ID. (This may contain some adult related content) I am in a long distance relationship for about five months now and I really like this guy. We met on Facebook after he liked a picture that my cousin in Kaduna posted of me and him at our relative’s wedding. My boyfriend is friends with my cousin who lives in Kaduna.

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He slid into my DM and we clicked very easily. I never ever thought I would be in a long distance relationship but with Munir,(not real name) things are different. He makes me feel so special and he is funny and intelligent. We talk every day on video calls. He is ready to meet my parents come this Easter.

Everyone around me has met him on phone or zoom and I too has met his family and truthfully…its all warm feelings. I think I am in love and I couldn’t be happier. But last month, Munir came down to Lagos to visit me and do some business. He lodged in a hotel and I went there to visit him.

I waited for him in his luxurious hotel while he was doing business. Later on, when he came and we met, it was magical. He was even more handsome in person. Tall, nice skin and I was in awe. We talked and talked and we started to make out. I eventually stopped him when he tried to go further.

My reason was, I didn’t think its right to have s*x on the first day we met. He laughed and said but we have been dating and I have been dreaming of you, touching and making love to you. I told him I understand but that, we should chill for that day, afterall…he was in town for a week. He agreed. And then, he got up and I noticed that he was not wearing any underwear aside his trousers.

I jokingly asked him, you are not wearing boxers? He said nonchalantly: No, I don’t wear boxers. I was like wow…for real? why not? Like I have never seen or heard any man who does not wear boxers or briefs….only just trousers? At that point, I noticed how his manhood was dangling and it seemed quite impressive.

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To me, he probably was trying to show off to me that he has a big thing but I was actually not pleased that he is a n boxers or briefs man. He said he does not wear anything under cos he likes to feel free. I was shocked and told him its making his thing dangle uncontrollably and he laughed and said:dirty girl..stop tempting me.

To be honest, throughout that night, even during our talk, I kept getting distracted by his manhood. I am not a wild girl but this thing was like one I have never seen even though he was wearing trousers…I kept noticing how the thing moved when he moved.

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The next day, we were kissing after his meeting and this time, I knew he would try and make a move at me. I was excited cos I imagined how it would be even from the thing I saw the day before. And then I didn’t stop him when he went further and I felt so much pleasure with him and before I knew it…I felt him trying to go into me.

And I realized that his thing is truly humongous. I was terrified. I stopped and looked down and it was the biggest…like things you see in movies. I was so scared…I got and told him I couldn’t continue. He told me to relax that he would be gentle and use jelly…he tried but it was still damn too big.

By this time, I told him no please…he said I was paranoid and he has been with ladies with smaller vaginas before me. I do not have tight vagina. I am not a virgin so I cannot be compared with ladies with small virginas. I saw the disappointed look on his face…his ego seemed bruised….I then turned table around by agreeing to oral s8x with him. That was cool and very pleasurable too.

And that was all we could do through out his visit. To be candid, he was very understanding…saying I was inexperienced and paranoid. That he will wait for me until I am ready for him. That if a woman’s V can bring out a baby, it can certainly take a big manhood…he promised to make me feel comfortable when I am ready.

Ma, I love him so much but after seeing his thing…my mind has been in a serious battle. I have been reading and making research on this matter  too. I know from what I have read, the first times with him may be a bit painful and later on become enjoyable but I keep picturing the reality and I am damn scared. I also read that most males from the north have this type of size situation. Some say size does not matter but ….

I am also not comfortable with the fact that he does not disguise his thing with boxers or brief. I feel if he could wear boxers or briefs, that can help him package better…I think he is calling undue attention to himself. To some, this is not enough to be worried about your man but why have I been so worried since he came visiting last month?

Apart from these two things….my boyfriend is my dream come through….yet I am scared and worried…do you think I am being overly paranoid? Even if I manage his thing…how do I convince him to wear boxers or do something about the way he brandishes it? If I can notice it…am sure many people too can notice it….yet he thinks its no big deal.

I am just confused…has anyone been in my shoes before? I am ashamed of asking anyone around me cos I don’t want people to laugh at me. But has anyone married someone who’s manhood is humongous and he does not wear boxers but allows it to dangle around when he is walking all in the name of : I want to be free and let breeze go through?

Please advise me and tell me I am not paranoid….




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I Am Terrified Of My Boyfriend's Parts & I Dislike His Packaging-Pls Advise
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  1. Hello. You are glorifying sexual immorality and you think it’s cool, you met a guy on facebook, doing video calls, met him in a hotel, what if he is a kidnapper or a murderer, your story is a wake up call to stop fornicating. How can you do this, you said you don’t think it’s right to have sex on the first day, what is right is not to have sex before marriage, it’s always sex sex and sex. I can’t just imagine, if that guy was kidnapper or had a evil plan nko. What has come over this generation. I can only tell you stop any sexual immoral acts, but I doubt you will stop it. Break up the rubbish thing you call relationship. GOD bless you.

  2. You are just being paranoid my dear,most men from the north are like that, don’t be surprised that some do not wear briefs or boxers ooo,yes . Some do not wear especially those with a big rod like his. He can be gentle and introduce lots of foreplay that will make you wet okay. You better grab it ooo and stop being paranoid for nothing, wetin some women dey find sef but first and importantly he has to do the needful okay,stop the oral sex and at the same time use your head remember it is a long distance relationship. Be careful and be sure he loves you and he is not cheating on you wherever he is. It is well with you okay


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