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Masturbation is the process of erotically touching or stimulating your genitals or other sensitive parts of the body in order to derive s3eual pleasure. Some give it different names such as ‘soapy’, ‘Vaseline screw’, ‘fingering’, ‘cucumber’ etc.

Someone have argued that the word ‘masturbation’ is not categorically written in the Bible. This is true, the bible didn’t name some vices, and some where invented after the bible was written, e.g cigarette.

But the bible said you should flee the appearance of sin and defilements, of which masturbation belongs.

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Jesus said in Matthew 5:28 that whosoever looks at a woman and lust after her has already committed adultery.

Knowing fully well that you don’t just masturbate without having a trigger, or what sustain the urge, until you cum. Mostly the image of another person or watching pornographic images.

Going by the words of Jesus you’re committing “mental fornication” with the said image or whatever triggers you when you masturbate.

This makes it a sin against God and your body, because your body is the temple of God. Whosoever defile the temple of God, him shall God destroy. For the temple of God is holy, which temple you are.

Note: masturbation is different from having a s3eual urge. You can have a s3eual urge without masturbating. Have a s3eual urge is as normal has having the feeling for hunger.

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Some have also argued that masturbation is better than fornication, some even say they rather fornicate than masturbate. All these are  error and God doesn’t categorize any sin as small or great. They are both s3eual immorality.

Some have even said masturbation is the worst sin as it attracts demons. May I correct this notion that it is in the same category with other s3eual immoralities and doesn’t attract any special demon. It is only the demon called “Sin” that it attracts, and once the demon of sin is dealt with, masturbation will die a natural death with adequate discipline.

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There is a part to be done by God and another by you. God will not play your part, neither can you play the part of God.

First of all have a personal relationship with God. By confessing and repenting of your sins. What God will do for you is to save you from sin and Satan that held you captive to the habit and also remove the desire to indulge in the habit. No addiction is too difficult for God to break, so seek his help today.

The following are what you will do by yourself to be free.

  1. Discipline

You need to exercise great discipline on your body. The flesh is always weak, but God has given you great strength in your spirit man to overcome.

If you like pray from morning till night without discipline, you can’t live the life of an overcomer.

  1. Believe

Believe that you can stop this habit, tell yourself people have stopped this in the past, yours won’t be an exception. Believe that you and God can overcome this habit.

Your addiction to the habit is a product of your willingness. Your willingness to continue is a product of your unforgetfulness about the habit. Your unforgetfulness when you were able to stay without it is the bane of your captivity.

  1. Strong Determination

Have a strong determination to stop. Just as you cannot clean yourself without removing your clothes, so you can not heal unless you break up with your addiction.

Never accept it to be your weakness, neither should you blame anyone for the habit. Take responsibility and tell yourself that you can do without it, since you were not born with it.

Don’t assume marriage will tackle it, tackle it now, because many married people are caught up in this web.

A man once shared his story with me that he thought marriage would cure him of the habit, only to be married and would leave the wife to go an masturbate, he doesn’t even have the desire to meet the wife not until the wife forces him.

Another young lady shared her experience how the habit has eaten into her that even after s3e with her man, she will still indulge in the act after he had left for work.

If you still think marriage will cure you, I urge you to be determined and ruthless in tackling this habit now because some married people also masturbate.

  1. Identify those things that triggers or arouse you and try to avoid them. It takes deliberate effort and self discipline to avoid your sources of temptation. Destroy the materials and delete the ones in your gadgets. You can install anti porn app, or parental control app in your gadgets so as to limit your access to them.


  1. Avoid people or friends that initiate or talk about s3e or things that arouses your emotions.

Never be in the company of those who doesn’t believe it is a bad habit. Because their words will water down your resolution to quit.

  1. Get a trusted person you’ll be accountable to, even when you fail, still tell the person. This type of addiction is hard to fight alone. Your inability to open up to people is what makes you to still be a captive to it. The thought that someone will ask you and you won’t want to lie, will help you discipline yourself when the urge comes.


  1. Get a hobby and get yourself involved in outdoor activities. Involve yourself in sport, music, reading and writing. This is very important because it is going to help you substitute these good activities with the bad ones.


  1. Get involved in profitable things, you have excess and unused energy that is why your body is channeling them towards s3x and masturbation.

Work yourself out before going to bed to the extent that you will become too tired to do anything other than to sleep.

Don’t go lie on the bed when you don’t feel sleepy.

  1. Avoid staying alone.

Whenever you are alone and the thought or feeling comes, leave for where people are.

Take note of the time and place where you used to do it and fix another activity for that time. Deliberately distract yourself at such moments. Take a walk around your house. Pick up a phone and chat or call someone especially the person you are accountable to.

If you discovered you do indulge in it in your bathroom, don’t go take bath when you’re horny, neither should you excessively scrub or touch your sensitive parts.


  1. Also be willing to keep records of your longest abstinence and also try to commend or reward yourself about your longest abstinence. This will help you to always push forward your boundary.


  1. Learn from your past. The times you were able to stay away from it, what were the things you did? When you failed, what are the things that made you fail. Study yourself and make a critical analysis of yourself and learn from it.


  1. Don’t also underrate the effect of prayer.

Keep resisting the spirit and the urge until you get your freedom. Daily ask God to help you overcome.


Be assured that with determination and discipline nearly all things can be done.

If the Son shall make you free, you will be free indeed.


  1. Spiritual defilement, because you won’t have the free conscience to call on God as at when due.


  1. Feeling of guilt, frustration and depression. It is a known fact that many people do have this guilty conscience after masturbating and guilt is not good for mental health.


  1. As a female, there is tendency of infecting yourself, because of the dirty finger or dirty objects you insert in your vagina.


  1. It might be difficult to get real s3eual satisfaction from your partner. As confirmed by the examples cited in the article.


  1. It is as addictive as cocaine and you know how hard it is to break an addiction.


  1. In some severe cases, it affects the work productivity or studies of the individual involved due to lost of concentration.


  1. It causes isolation, loneliness and withdrawal from people. Such individuals, losses interest in friends and family. Since it is mostly done in the secret, such individuals may began to suffer from undue loneliness and emotional imbalances.


8 It causes problems with ejaculation. Either quick or delayed ejaculation, in some cases it causes erectile dysfunction in men.




  1. Freedom from guilt and condemnation.


  1. Free access to God in prayer.


  1. Having more time to focus and concentrate on other important and productive things.


  1. Freedom from anxiety and thought of depression.


  1. Healthy lifestyle.


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