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Tyler Hubbard and Wife Hayley ‘Make Time’ for S3x Between Parenting 3 Kids: ‘It’s So Crucial’


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Tyler Hubbard and wife Hayley know the importance of carving out alone time as parents.

The couple share three kids — sons Atlas Roy, 5 months, and Luca Reed, 18 months, and daughter Olivia Rose, 3 — and on a new installment of Hayley’s Dear Media parenting podcast Meaning Full Living, they get candid about prioritizing intimacy with each other, even if they’re exhausted from keeping track of their little ones.

“It’s part of connecting,” says the Florida Georgia Line singer, 34. “Intimacy is part of a strong marriage, and, you know, a strong marriage leads to strong parenting. It’s important.”

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“In the season of life we were in last year, it was just difficult,” he adds, referencing the birth of their third child and his recovery from an injury.

“But making that a priority, and just making time to connect,” Tyler continues. “Even if — I remember some nights we just didn’t have s3x, we were like, ‘No, let’s just lay here and watch a movie,’ and just hold hands or kind of hold each other. Just a way to connect. We’ve been pretty intentional about it.”

Hayley, who co-hosts the podcast with Jessica Diamond, shares that while intimacy isn’t all of marriage, it is a “huge part.”

“I think that’s something to talk about with parents because it’s hard,” she says. “You’re emotionally exhausted in those early phases of parenting. You’re physically exhausted and all of those things, and s3x is kind of the last thing you want to make time for. But it is important.”

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She adds, “And I think that’s something that we’ve tried to focus on. Sometimes when it has been a while, we’re like, ‘Okay, we have to make time for this,’ because it is so crucial.”

Tyler Hubbard and Wife Hayley 'Make Time' for S3x Between Parenting 3 Kids: 'It's So Crucial'

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Back in October — three weeks after welcoming their third baby — the Hubbards confirmed to PEOPLE that Tyler was recovering from a vasectomy.

“We’re beyond grateful for our three babies and feel confident that we’re done having children of our own. We’ve always felt that we would like to adopt one day, if the Lord opens that door and the timing is right, but for now our hands are full and we are so thankful,” the couple said at the time.






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