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My Single Father Fiance Kept The Secret Of His Second Baby Mama From Me.


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My Single Father Fiance Kept The Secret Of His Second Baby Mama From Me.


Good afternoon ma,

pls post for me and hide my I’d, n notifying me when posted, my name is Janet am a lady of 28 yrs I meet a guy last yr July who ask my hands in married, is a single father‘ I disagree with him for the first time but keep troubles me n I latter agree with him.

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He told me the lady that give birth with him left him when his shop got burn, so we started the relationship, he love me so much n I love him as well, he introduce me to some of his family that are close because most of them stays far n he also connect me with those that are far” the first time we will meet the father was in hospital he took me there to greet him immidetly the father set his eyes on me he ask the son who is she?

She is my wife to be, then the father ask me as well who are u I said am friend to ur son; the father now said am a old man n I will always say the truth he say to me I hope you have come stay with us? I said yes.the father now said his son was moving with one lady sometimes ago, but him don’t like the character of that lady” I was just surprised the way the man was talking to me even at that moment’ he say don’t want to desive his son then I said daddy no problem sir.so he now pray for us n we left, one faithful night like that around 8:30pm I was with the guy in his shop a lady just came with bike n meet us their,she started asking the brother who is this lady here with u?

He answer her by saying u have seen her already n u still asking stupid questions¬† , she ask who are u to man I told her is my fancy my husband to be. The lady nw said this baby on her back right nw belongs to the brother of which I don’t no anything about, the brother told me of the mother of his son, but he don’t tell me anything about this second girl, it was then I remember what his father told me when we visited him at hospital, but to me I thought the old man is referring to the mother of his son.

So I told brother is over between us if u can keep such thing for me that means u are not to be trusted; since then I have been on my own, but I the brother n his family keep apologies that I should forgive him n continue with the relationship, where I need advise now is that in such situations what will I do should I continue with the relationship or I should move on with my life? Pls help me out…am sorry for the long massage.

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  1. Hello Sister. Just be careful and don’t be in a haste, do your findings very well to know the real truth. Pls don’t rush into it so you won’t later be hurt. GOD bless you.

  2. Baby mama hmmmm mother of his children or the women in his life my sister please ask questions probe deeper, and pray more for me move on becos you might join the baby factory


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