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How I Found My Death Certificate With My Wife While I Am Still Alive.


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How I Found My Death Certificate With My Wife While I Am Still Alive.


My name is Mr Julius. I retired last year at 60 years as a senior management officer in my company. I collected my 50million saved money from my banks, and use 10million to set up my wife’s business so that she can take care of her personal expenses. Part of the money was kept aside for my family expenses while I invested the rest in my business. My wife’s business was doing well as well as mine.

Two months ago, my wife asked me to give her #500,000 for her personal upkeep. I told her to please take it from her business, that I am rich for now. She got angry and said she will get back at me.

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A man came knocking at my door last week. I opened and ask him what he wanted, He said he was from Local Government, An officer in charge of WIDOW EMPOWERMENT PROGRAMME. that my wife applied for 5million Widow Support with my Original Death Certificate. That he was here to verify if she is truly a Widow and to inform her that she has been considered to collect the 5 million,

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I was speechless, almost fainted. I told the man that, I am her husband and am still alive. I am not dead yet. I collected the original certificate from him.

The man turned back without uttering a word. I confronted my wife about it and she said, she wanted to add the money to her business.

This morning, the Local Govt official came to arrest my wife for forging my death certificate to collect money from the government and I can’t imagine myself going to police station to bail a woman who declared me dead while I am still alive.

Please kindly advice me on what to do because I am deeply confused right now.

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  1. Haha, This is so terrible na only movie I dey see something like this oo but it is so surprising seeing it happening real .Sir,I don’t know you but am seriously scared for you because immediately after your wife is realised take it or leave it the original death certificate will become real.I swear you might end up diening for real.Your wife needs the money more than she needs you.Who wishes other people dead if not for enemies.Yoruba says ti iku ile o ba pani ti o de o le pani.Go and bail her for the sake of your children that is if she have one for you if not then it is the duty of her family to do that.After bailing her don’t let her step a foot in your house except she wants to pack her things.She might kill you for real this time around to enable her have the 5million.Someone you still sleep on the same bed,she cook your food and serve you and she went to the hospital to forge your original death certificate come back home and see you smiling and joking with you isn’t that terrible.Who does that?If you do that to her am very sure the world would have heard about that.My candid advise Sir

  2. Let her remain in prison, if her family wants her, they can go for her. Let nobody talk you into releasing her because you are dead to her.
    What an ungrateful fellow. Sir the biggest mistake and I guess your final one would be letting her back into your house cause she will do anything to kill you and take over your business and money.

    You need to go to the hospital to check your system, who knows she might be killing you slowly.

  3. Hello. You gave her 10 million# last year, and she came to ask you for #500k, are you even sure your children are yours or for another man, her act says it all. She must not return to that house. GOD bless you

  4. This is serious indeed, pls involve both families, friends and your religious leaders in the matter, let people that matter to you know of her evil intentions, consider separation for now till at least u can trust her to live with you again cos she has to earn that if you are willing to forgive her. You can also make a will now if u don’t have. May God’s protection be upon you.


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