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My Husband Treats My Like Am Nothing, Even Before Other People


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Good evening my sister am sorry for disturbing you by this time. Sister please post for me and hide my i d am a mother of 4 since I marry my husband, I have not enjoy my life he is the first man in life he always insult me in anywhere, talk to me anyhow I didn’t date him before I married him he just rush everything I was happy, because that is what I want but I don’t know that am cry till today please my people I need advice because my faithfulness to him is killing me.

I made a covenant with God, that I will not sleep with any man until I marry and again that my husband will be the only man in my life but today am regretting it because I don’t have joy am into fashion designer before I marry,so my husband stop me after wedding I join his brother in my husband business his brother said that he want to travel which he latter travel and my husband change he refused to pay for the shop again he said that I should close the shop and join him to his own business and refuse y I refuse is because he is not giving me pucket money if I beg money,he will ask me wat I want to use for I try and pay for the shop,

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he stop bringing money for food till the shop close because I cannot be able to pay for the shop again they increase the amount to 200k before he now start giving me 10k he can bring whosoever he want bring to come and stay us without telling me he doesn’t value me at all he even bring his daughter which I don’t know that he had a daughter 20years and she can insult me if I talk he will beat and tell me if I want to go I should go I have do 3 business if customer started coming he will stop me I have a good handwork am into baking but he didn’t want me to do any of them now am not doing anything am following him to shop and there’s no way to get money he used to give me 10k every week I cook general food, student food,pure water,buy wat children will eat in the morning

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now he wants to send me and my to pH he open shop there desame business that he doing I don’t want to go because of this, we are having issues every time we are 8 in no today again he bring one of his sister to stay with us I need advice is I don’t want her to stay with me and I don’t know how to do it because she have stay with me before all they are doing is jumping from one place to another she came to my house yesterday and husband have stop carry me to shop he will give transportation to go to shop y he will carry his sister to shop please am sorry for post forgive me and advise me thanks




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  1. Hello Sister, your happiness is in your hands, love yourself so much. Learn to speak good words to yourself, don’t seek happiness from anyone. You said you do baking, pls find a way to tell people that you do baking, you can do for parties, and the rest, pls don’t give up Sister,you can achieve your dreams. Focus on yourself ok. GOD bless you.


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