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Pls I Need Advice!!!! Should I Continue With This Girl Or She Is Not Worth It???


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Pls I Need Advice!!!! Should I Continue With This Girl Or She Is Not Worth It???


To cut the story short:

1. I met her when she was 18:
At this stage, I was 24 and wasn’t really ready to settle down, so I didn’t take her serious but we usually get to see from time to time because she was a boarding student (SS1)

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2. She is now 20 (SS3) and I am now 26:

At this point we get to see more often unlike before, and am ready to find the right woman to love and settle down with at least in the next 2yrs time. And yes this girls fits my specs, she is smart, brilliant, beautiful, respectful, good cook and very neat. We have been dating for 2yrs now.

3. The Confusion:

Recently I got to understand her more better which has kept me confused of late, whether to continue or quit. Below are the reasons why I am confused about her even though I love her so much and i need your advice:

1. Big blow on me, she is now a LesBian, she joined LesBianism just a year and few months after she changed from her previous skul to a girls skul where she got into this awful act, this became easier because we don’t live together or see more often due to her still living with parent.

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I have refuse to let her know that I have notice she is now a LesBian and also have a LesBian girl friend she loves and get to talk and chat with even though she still comes to my house, spend days and have s*x with me.

The reason why I have refuse to confront her about being involved with LesBians and has a LesBian girlfriend, is because I love her and I am worried I may loose her as she is still immature to reason properly due to her age. She is still filled with the urge to enjoy life, have fun without knowing the danger of LesBianism when she eventually gets to 24yrs and above.

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I had a LesBian bestie friend who complained bitterly about her LesBian life, she has this much desire to change, a desire to love a man from her heart, and get married and have a responsible family. But this is very difficult for her at her age of 25 because most men who approach her do not find her p*ussy very juicy enough, because these LesBians do not wet properly for good a s*x life my brother ( talking from experience).

My thoughts: Foolish or Wise??

I said to myself, this girl is a young girl that I love, if you break up with her because of her LesBian act, it will make things worst for her, she will get more addicted to LesBianism and honestly speaking I love her and wish she can change and love me 100% without sharing my love with her LesBian partner, a perfect relationship does not work like that, you have to be committed to each other, especially a relationship I want to lead to marriage.

I wanted to confront her, but I believe discussing about this her LesBian act when we don’t live together, would definitely end our relationship due to her immaturity as a result of her age, it may be difficult for her to have regrets, to have the urge to change, at this teenage age, she wants to enjoy life and have fun, which she will definitely regret later especially when she get to 24 and above. But in the other hand, if I don’t confront her, she will get more addicted to this LesBian which worries me too.

I really love her, I want her to change because I want to get married to he, support her dreams, finance her and keep her to the standard I want as my wife not just girlfriend.

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What can I do? I love her so much, I feel I should never confront her else i loose her and the opportunity to change her over time because at her teenage age (SS3), it would not be an easy task to get her out of her LesBians friends and classmates, make her understand life and the danger of being addicted to LesBianism because, right now this LesBian act is all fun to these young girls without knowing the danger ahead and by then it becomes too late and any man who makes love with their likes, won’t be satisfied with the rate of dry p*ussy complains during s*x.

Sometimes I tell myself, forget this nonsense get, and move on, you will get a good normal girl, but this is hard because I knew she was not like this, bad friends introduced her to this LesBian act, i love her so much and she is my perfect spec to settle down and get married, the only problem is this LesBianism she had involved herself.

Pls advice me!!!! I’m in love, 26yrs guy, hustling and financial okay but needs more funds to settle down and focus on the future.


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  1. Please you need more funds and you need to focus on the future okay,I am not saying you are too young to marry,but please you need to be patient enough to understand that marriage is not all about a woman’s physique, looks or whatever, there is more to it. Allow that girl concentrate on her studies bikonu,she needs to focus,she is just 23 and in ss3. As for the habit,somebody she respects somuch has to talk to her ooo,she doesn’t know what she has gotten herself into,you need to tell her parents,they have to monitor her closely on the kind of friends she keeps and where she goes,who she chats with or calls. For now,make more funds,study,research more on marriage. God bless you nna

  2. Hello Bro, you can’t change anyone, it’s their choice to change, you can only help to a degree, lesbianism is a demonic attack, though some stop once they live the environment that’s promotes it, I mean like school setting and friends too, talk to her that you know she is a lesbian, tell her to visit a GENUINE christian that can pray for her, or tell her to tell her parents, I don’t know how her parents will react hearing such. For the relationship, just leave that, you even said she spend days in your house and you both have sex, you too is a fornicator Bro, you too stop fornicating, sex is only for marriage. GOD bless you.


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