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Battling With The Spirit of Hatred


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Good morning ma.

please Post for me and hide my I’d also notify me when posted so that I can be at the cement.good morning you all.family and Friends I have been battling with spirit of hatred, a man of God once told me that and is now I noticed that the man of God actually saying the truth.am sorry that I will make my story long for you to understand what going through and I really need your prayers.

am a trained and certified nurse I have worked in many private hospitals some I dismiss myself and some the manager dismiss and this will happen whenever that spirit visit me.my dear sisters and brothers it all happened like this,at the first time I will seek for job in any hospital for sure must get the job even if they don’t want to staff but the management will never allow me go they will make sure I work with them everybody will like me and also want me to be on duty them but the moment I stayed there for 3-4months everyone will start despising me by them I will know that the has come what I will be passing through the pressure will not allow me enjoy working there either they dismiss me or I leave for good.

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I know I don’t have bad character because this disturb my mom she knows that am going through this of which she have once told me that am every good man’s dream.it also happen like this in terms of relationship at the first contact the guy will love me very much and will always want to be with me at every minutes but when that spirit come he disappear without any reason for that.mummys, Daddys, brothers and sisters please help tell your God to deliver me from this spirit because I have loose a lot and I don’t want to loose again.thank you all

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  1. Hello dear Sister. Your case is spiritual, you may not be the cause, remember the world is a wicked world, go to winners chapel @ ota, redeem mountain of fire, these headquarters of these churches have the power of GOD resident there, you can see a GENUINE christian that can pray for you and GOD will reveal the cause and the solution of this problem, pls BEWARE of fake pastors that, I repeat BEWARE of fake pastors. Do as I said, your case is spiritual. I love you Sister. GOD bless you.

  2. You need to pray and cast out every spirit of anger ,any evil covering or veil making people to dislike you after sometime.It is well with you


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