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Finding The Right Partner!


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Finding The Right Partner!


Many often ask the question “how will I know the right person” In the quest for knowledge of the right partner. The following points must be considered.

  1. Finding Jesus.
  2. Finding yourself
  3. Finding the right partner.


  1. Finding Jesus. The first step is to accept Jesus as your Lord and your savior, he is your first love. After accepting Jesus, you need to give yourself to kingdom service and spiritual growth. Practice daily Christianity; pray and study the word of God daily. Be deliberate about applying the kingdom principle. That’s how to know Jesus and learn his ways. This is very important because finding a partner without knowing Jesus can end it tears or a story that touches.
  2. Finding yourself. You need to know the volume of a book written of you by God to do his will, You need to pray and trust God to reveal to you your mountain of influence. You need to strive to be competent and excellent in your area of calling. Connect with people of like minds, people that can contribute to your growth in the area of your calling. Know the type of person you are, know your love language, your temperament, build self-confidence, and love yourself.
    To your faith and virtue, to your virtue add good character, to your good character add good mode of dressing, work on every aspect of your life and trust God to establish you. It is very essential to discover yourself, it is after self-discovery you will know the kind of person you should walk with. So you mustn’t rush into a relationship without finding yourself.
  3. Finding the right partner. After knowing God, and self-discovery. It is very easy to find the right partner. You have to take it to God in prayer since the holy spirit is your best friend, You need to tell him to help you choose right. Make sure the person is your kind; having the same belief system as you. The person must know the same God of love you know, he/ she must be somebody God can lord over. Two of you must have the same lord which is Jesus Christ. Two of you must agree Amos 3:3 “Can two walk together, except they agreed?” It is very important to work on the above point while finding the right one. Marrying right is very important, make sure you get things right first. Don’t rush! Love and serve God faithfully!
    Discover purpose and strive to be excellent. Work on yourself Be neat, be smart, be decent! Get knowledge, acquire wisdom. Be patient enough and go for your kind.
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Article by: Kingdom writer

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