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How My Fiancé’s In-law Exposed Their Family Secrets & Seduced Me


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How My Fiancé’s In-law Exposed Their Family Secrets & Seduced Me


I deeply regret what I am about to share but I want your advice because what I did is breaking my heart and the love of my life has no idea why I just broke up our four-year relationship just when we are about to get married this year. Please hide my ID when you post this.

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I have been in love with my fiance right from day one. It was love at first sight. We met in a fast-food restaurant where he came to eat as well. The salesgirl had messed up my order and I was really upset but she tried to justify herself that I gave her the wrong instructions. The man behind me literally asked me to calm down and take another order and he would pay for it.

That is how I met my fiance. We hit it off really fast. Became very close and dating came naturally. We love each other’s everything, likes, family, hobbies, etc. His family loves me very well and mine too love him. Our wedding was supposed to be last year but we moved it to this year because of covid and we wanted when we can have all family members, home and abroad attend.

Early January this year, I got a contract in Asaba (not a real location). I am a movie makeup artist. We were supposed to be on set in Asaba for two months. My fiance’s sister lives in Asaba with her husband. Even though we were lodged in a hotel, my fiance’s sister invited me to stay at their house. I spent a couple of fun nights with them.

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However, one night, I woke up around 1 am and I heard them quarreling. I thought I was mistaken but it was true. They tried to keep it under control but they ended up raising their voice and I had to go and knock on their door. They wouldn’t open …so I left them alone. After like an hour, everything died down.

The next morning, before I woke up…my fiance’s sister had left the house. She left me a text saying she was going to a friend’s place to cool off. That I can stay if I want but she is sorry she didn’t speak to me personally. I packed my things and wanted to go back to my hotel but the husband came and pleaded with me not to go…that there was no need to cos he was traveling that afternoon.

I called my fiance and told him. He said ok. That I should stay and wait for his sister to come back. I  was in their house for two days, none of them returned and because I was bored, I decided to go back to my hotel. The next day, after we finished filming for the day, it was like 12.30 am…I went back to the hotel with some of the cast members.

As we got to the hotel, I bumped into my fiance’s sister’s husband in the hotel elevator. He was shocked. Apparently, he did not travel. He wanted to get away from his wife too, so he has been lodging in the hotel. We went to the hotel lobby to talk and he explained how his wife is making his life miserable by cheating on him several times.

He said the wife always begs for a second chance and asks for forgiveness but when she does it again, she blurted out that he is not satisfying her and that he pushed her to cheat. I felt sorry for this man…he clearly loves his wife but he felt hurt by her saying he cannot satisfy her.

I asked him if they can see a therapist and he said he does not know anyone. I promised him to help get him the contact of one that can help when I get to Lagos. We talked until 2.30 am. We got up and went to our separate bedrooms. 30 minutes later, he showed up at my door and said he wanted to thank me for listening to him earlier.

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I told him it was fine….he didn’t have to come thank me…but he was a mess…he was emotionally down and he looked like he wanted to cry and before I knew it…he was crying. I felt so sorry for him. I let him inside my room and I have never seen a grown man crying as he did for almost 10mins.

He looked at me and was like Lara (not real name) I just need someone to hold me and tell me everything was going to be ok…that I am man enough. It was impulse…I couldn’t help but be there for him…after all…he is like family right…I held him and he held on to me tight…crying and me telling him everything will be alright.

And then he began to caress me…I thought he was just still crying but by the time he was bringing his face to mine…he was ready to kiss me…I said no…no, no no…stop it and he was like please Lara…don’t push me away …no one wants me…how do I ever feel like a man again … I tried to tell him we can’t do anything cos it would be wrong but he said some words like…he just wants to feel ok just for one night.

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I felt drawn to him…I really thought I was being a good friend…and I allowed him to kiss me and make love to me. I was a fool. He used his vulnerability to get to me. After making love, he even asked me if he satisfied me…wanted to prove that he was man enough…I told him he lied cos there is nothing wrong with him s8xually.

If anything, he is quite very active s8xually and any woman would be out of her mind to say otherwise. He said he just wanted to be sure he is alright cos his wife keeps berating him and saying he cannot perform. He started to apologize to me but truly…I cannot say he forced me…more like taking advantage of my sincere concern and care for him.

I asked him to leave and forget this ever happened. I felt terrible. I have never cheated on anyone in my life. And all I could think of was my fiance….how I betrayed him but I told myself it was a mistake…I was only trying to help someone dear to the family. I tried to focus on work but my fiance’s sister’s husband kept calling me all day. Saying he needs to see me. I had to block his line.

Two days later, he was waiting for me at the hotel that night when I returned. I told him to leave me and he promised to leave me after I hear him out. We sat in the lobby and he told me that he cannot stop thinking about me and he really wants to thank me for giving him back his confidence. That he told his wife that he wants a divorce.

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This man wants me to leave my fiance cos he feels their family is cursed. He then exposed my fiance…that he cheated on me last year and his family covered it up. That last year, when they had a family easter re-union, my fiance came with a woman that stayed with him for two days and no one told me. He said that they are not faithful people in relationships or marriage and make you feel like you are the one that made them cheat. He warned me not to marry my fiance cos he will cheat on me…I told him to thank you and asked him to leave.

Since then, I battled with my decision to either confront my fiance or not. I also feel terrible for cheating on him and his sister’s husband has not stopped trying to contact me…telling me how he wants me and he is discovered he is in love with me. This is crazy. I also try not to but I think about this man sometimes and I know I shouldn’t.

Because I couldn’t take this anymore, I prayed about this…and when I returned to Lagos…I broke up with my Fiance. The guilt and secrets were too much to bear. So, I confronted him and asked him about the secret woman he took to his family house the last easter. He denied it but when I told him it’s over…he said the woman was only an old friend who came to hang out with them.

So, my fiance is lying. He got angry and asked who told me. He figured his sister’s husband did and he challenged that one, accusing him of trying to break us up because he can’t keep his marriage to his sister that is falling apart. My fiance has been begging me to forgive and I wish I can forgive but imagine that I forgive him and one day he finds out that I also cheated on him with his sister’s husband?

I feel this is the best thing to do…walk away but he and his family and mine are all pleading. But I feel like the foundation is broken. He cheated…I cheated…but he has no idea I cheated but I was only trying to help his brother-in-law…but the brother-in-law says my secret is safe cos he is leaving his wife after realizing that she was only dehumanizing him just to keep cheating on him.

Does that mean that the coast is clear for me now? Should I consider going back to my fiance or have I crossed that line of no return? I mean…I can forgive him for cheating…if he promises to remain faithful but will he forgive me if he knows I was not faithful to him? I love my fiance but is there any hope for us or this is the end of our future?

Please advise me…




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How My Fiancé's In-law Exposed Their Family Secrets & Seduced Me
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  1. My dear, first thing is that you shouldn’t justify your cheating. And he has already confessed to you about his cheating. So, the best thing for you to do is open up and tell him the truth now, what made you think that the coast is clear?
    The brother-in-law might use that act to be blackmailing in future when you you think that everything hv return to normal. Tell him the truth now that it’s still early, if you guys will continue with the relationship, you will know that you are not carrying any hidden burden(secret) in your heart.

  2. I think it’s the best thing to do too. Let him know what happened and if the relationship will work, let it work. If not, let go and have your peace back

  3. I support everyone asking you to tell your fiance. If he wants to marry you he will if not then both of you can go your separate ways.

  4. Please don’t allow the past destroy your future, it is better you tell him,if he says it is over,so be it,if he finds it in his heart to forgive and forget then better for the both of you,also note that when you are married to him he can always use it against you by taking you back memory lane and I know you wouldn’t like such,so think twice. He can always cheat and also tell you afterall you cheated with his sister’s husband, and note that when you tell him,there will be consequences, hope you are ready for such? His family, your family will be so disappointed in you including your friends. You do not sound sober and remorseful for your actions and that’s bad,you do not know the gravity of pains you have caused for yourself, fiance,family members and all that will get to know about this abomination you just committed. I wish you well ooo,four years in a relationship is not a joke,breaking up because of your silly mistake is just too bad,don’t know your age but I pray you find a better man and make sure you remain faithful okay. It is well with you sis,lest I forget,do not have anything to do with your fiance sister’s husband again, whether he wants to file a divorce or not, that is none of your business.


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