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Married Ex Wants Me To Manage Her New Business


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Married Ex Wants Me To Manage Her New Business


I’m not going to bore you with an epistle.

We dated between 2016-17. We had a mutual break-up cause I went to Ghana for a bit (5 months. I needed a change of scenery). We spoke and chatted at intervals before we both ghosted each other. I heard she got married to a big shot Abuja guy in 2019.

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Fast forward to Saturday evening this past weekend, I got a message on Instagram from her. Long story short, she opened a beauty spa in Abuja in December. She wants me to help her manage it. She knows I have my commitments in Lagos but wants to take advantage of the fact that I visit Abuja once or twice a month. She proposes that I can come only on weekends since my weekdays are almost fully engaged, ensure her books are balanced and she’ll pay for my return flight every Friday. I asked if her husband is aware of who I am. She stuttered and I just knew he doesn’t. She will pay well but it’s not about the money. It’s more like granting a favour but I feel she’s got an ulterior motive somewhere. And me, I have a soft spot for her and my flesh is very, very weak.

Do you think I’m right? Or maybe I’m just being paranoid?

I’m sorry to say but many of you reason like kids. I have no intention of sleeping with her. I’m principled never to sleep with any of my exes. Do you have any idea how many women are on this planet? What is wrong with the lot of you? I just find it hard to turn her down because she’s such a good person

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  1. The choice is yours,if we reason like kids why seek advise?You have a soft spot for her and your flesh is very very weak and you are principled never to sleep with any of your exes,okay oo but this sounds contradictory sha.
    If I were you I will keep my distance, remember she is no longer single,you better avoid temptation now before it is too late, she is nice ,good and you have a soft spot for her,all these can make you do otherwise not minding your principles. Be careful with that woman, her husband must not find out that you were once an ex to his wife,I come in peace.

  2. Hello. You said we reason like kids, you have no intention of sleeping with her, you have a soft spot for her, your flesh is very very weak, you are really funny Bro. The thing is most people who post these relationship things know the right to do. Have you asked yourself, why is it you, so she didn’t see any other person to call, it’s your her ex, you are based in Lagos, yet she wants you to come to Abuja on weekends, is it until she starts telling you, she is has marital issues, asking you to hangout with her, lodges you in hotel and come to see you unexpectedly to seduce, yes you may not have any intention of sleeping with her, but once you put yourself in a position that encourages it like you already said, you have a soft spot for her, you have a very very week flesh. Oga, you know the right thing to do, and the wrojf thing not to do. All these people that will keep seeing their exes cheating on their spouses is the reason some people don’t want to marry. GOD bless you.


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