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My Colleague Wants Me To Marry His Sister, Though He is Aware Of My Introduction To My Fiancee


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My Colleague Wants Me To Marry His Sister, Though He is Aware Of My Introduction To My Fiancee


A member needs your advice

Good afternoon..  I have just  made a Terrible Mistake 😭😭😭😭😢😢 .. Please, I need an advice. Hide my ID. I have beautiful and a loving, Caring girlfriend.

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I really love everything about her . We dated for 3 years and she stood by me through my hard time when I was schooling. She husled to pay my school fees .

I’m now a Banker working in one of the biggest Banks in Accra, Ghana. we shall get married come October this year and we are well prepared for both Traditional marriage and Wedding. Hmmmmmm 😢😢😢.. I have a working mate(a guy)  who stays around where I bought my house and he has a sister. He always tells his  sister to come to my house  and watch TV which I was not comfortable with. He claim he TV was faulty.

Last month my colleague’s sister came to my house just to watch Telenovela and she stayed  till 9: 00pm so I was annoyed and sacked her to go home because it was late .. The following day, her brother( my colleague) was very angry with me asking me “why I sacked her sister to go home” ? so I allowed her to be coming to my house  . Last 2 weeks  around 7:00pm , I was taking a nap and the lady came to my room naked only putting on long shirt and she seduced me and jumped on me after persistent resistance, i eventually gave in to having s*x with her  which I deeply regretted.. Last Sunday, the lady (my colleague sister)  informed me that she is Pregnant and I must marry her..

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What surprised me  was that my friend is even telling me to wed her  before June this year. Meanwhile, they  know very well that  I will be getting married to to  girlfriend in June this year.. My colleague’s families are now on my neck to come for Marriage List Sunday this Week. I’m dead 😭😭😭😭.. If my girlfriend hears this.. she may Collapse ..She suffered for my sake ..She (my girlfriend) was the reason I’m a Banker now…. hmmmmmm…   Please.. and please  help me out …….what should I do.?

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  1. Hello. When did impregnating a lady mean you must marry her, you MUST tell your girlfriend everything, you MUST, you cant marry your colleagues sister, I guess your colleague and sister planned it against you. Tell your babe and don’t lie about anything. GOD bless you

  2. You were blind and didn’t know your stupid colleague and his sister had set a trap for you and unfortunately you have entered into it. You told your colleague so many things about yourself including your properties and that enticed him to use his sister against you.
    First,she needs to conduct a pregnancy test in your presence and you have to know how many weeks or months , to be sure you are responsible for it.
    Secondly,you will never marry her,it is not by force to marry her all because she is pregnant for you.
    Thirdly, your beautiful girlfriend has to be in the know of everything, I pray she finds it in her heart to forgive and continue with the wedding. If it happens the child is for you,reach an agreement with your colleague’s family on how you will raise the child,is as simple as that and if they feel they want to drag it involve your family and the police. It is well with you,i hope you have learnt your lessons now.

  3. Tell your fiancee immediately everything.
    Take the girl for pregnancy test to know when she became pregnant.
    If you are truly responsible, you don’t have to marry her.
    Get a lawyer and have everything documented.
    You may need the police for backup, because these people seem very desperate to hook this girl on your neck.

    You were very foolish indeed

  4. I totally agreed with grace ,is just a set up for u n u fall into d trap..u need to stand on ur ground n say no to force marriage..u need to act like a man don’t let them control ur life.. U have decision to take not d family or ur friend decision and pls avoid DAT guy u called ur friend is evil.. Know ur stand


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