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My husband friend who is living together with us for 3years now is a burden


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There’s one of my husband friend who is living together with us for 3years now , before I met my husband they living together my husband is the one paying for all bills in the house including house and feeding without his friend assistance.

my hubby is afraid of asking money for the bills , now we move into a new apartment that I and my hubby just rented, his friend also move in with us besides we only made half payment for which will be complete at this month end by Gods Grace , my hubby and his friend working in the same company,   and they’re collecting the same salary amount,  yet he refuse  to cooperate with us to pay some bills and others useful things but he will be using the one we buy Like toothpaste, bathing soap, drink water, food, etc.

Severe times my hubby would be grief with Anger and bitterness without courage to speak out to his friend about it,  but can only speak out to me, After renting the apartment we made some adjustment and decoration no money Left for our feeding luckily a customer transfer money to me for catering services which I take out part of the money to prepare food that we ate.

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my problems now is after I and hubby finished eating my hubby go ahead to prepare Garri and dish soup for his friend to  eat I couldn’t hold back my composure I confront both of them by telling his friend that we have tried enough to do all these for him still he hasn’t contribute to anything in the House, even though we don’t have anything at home he wouldn’t care to buy but waiting for us to buy for him to use,  that I can’t bear it anymore, he started telling if I need money for all the food he has been eating in our home he can pay me, please i’m doing the right thing??because After everything my hubby is feeling sad

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  1. That man doesn’t have shame
    Why will your husband allow him to move in with you guys in the new place?
    Why can’t your husband talk ?abiii your husband is scared of him cos I don’t just understand.
    If your husband will keep on dishing out food for him then cook for two only…. what nonsense

  2. How old is this your husband’s friend? He needs to live the house for you people,him no get joy at all ooo. Haba,give him 6 months to get his own apartment even if it is one room,nahim sabi. You people need privacy, is he a follow follow? Just following you people upandan. You need to act fast and send him away before this thing will divide your home and bring problems in your marriage ooo. Please send him away In 6months and that will be in September. Ogini di, this one na wahala wey be like buhari ooo e no dey gree die.

  3. Your husband is just scared of confrontation. Maybe his friend is those kind of friends that when you sit them down to talk an issue. They would start shouting and keeping anger or malice and read different meaning to it.

    Your husband is just a nice guy scared of the confrontation nd to loose his friendship.
    Thats not a man attribute. So he should man up

    However. Tell him to meet the friend. Let them go out for drinks or so. Sit him down. And discuss the situation with him and how uncomfortable you are about it. Since he is married now. Privacy is needed.

    If the friend is reasonable, he would think we’ll about it nd move out. It’s not a quarrel something. It’s just simple diplomatic dialogue

  4. There’s something between your husband and his friend.Ask your husband and if he does not tell you , call a family meeting of both families.Simple.

  5. There is more to this than meet the eyes. your husband has not told you the full gist. confront him or call for a family meeting


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