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Why Am I Taken As An Option?


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In the course of my motivation, this has been the most frequent question most ladies ask.

The fact is that we are making some fatal mistakes that are keeping us in the dating pool longer, this is because we can’t walk along with time. For instance, when you enter school new, you don’t first start planning for graduation party or senior prom. There are lessons learned along the way. If you enter it with graduation on your mind, then you will graduate without finishing your school. Please let the relationship naturally mature.

During early relationship phase, most guys are just smelling the flowers and trying to decide which one to pick. Please don’t be too desperate. Don’t be after material things and don’t be too possessive. Believe me some men are not real. They are just a crafted facade meant to deceive you.They have no intention to morph into a perfect relationship with you. please examine what you’re into and have your eyes wide open.

The worst kind of person is the person who drags you along and throws you on the back. My dear he will never make you a priority. Be keen to identify the play boys and s*x hunters because until you do away with play boys, you will always be a victim of heartbreak.

Make sure you have something to offer. Beauty doesn’t replaces character. And money doesn’t replaces love. Know what you want and go for it. Enough of time wasters, enough of the threat and enough of the sweet mouth. Let his action be genuine and let his character be sure.

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Dearest, there is an adage that said ”hind sight is 20/20. There is no strategy to keep a man unless he wants to stay.Let your heart be pure. And believe me a woman’s heart is cleaner to that of a man because she changes it more often. Please change your character. Be a good woman. Be a strong hold. advice him and note you don’t meet people to change them. You meet people to add value to their lives. Let him know you are not after his money or material things. Believe me, he will make you a priority.

love is blind and friendship tries not to notice. Make sure he is your friend. Make sure he understands you more than every other person. Make sure he plans the future with you. Don’t mistake advice with nagging. Nagging cannot change anything.Learn how to control your feelings and what you hear to avoid crying foul.

A man is already half way in love with a woman who listens to him. please don’t fight hard. Build your communication skills and listen more
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