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Company of Evangelical Financial Advisor and Radio Host Dave Ramsey Fired at Least 12 Employees Over Premarital S*x


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Evangelical Christian, financial advisor, and radio host Dave Ramsey reportedly fired at least 12 employees from his company for having premarital or extramarital s*x.

According to the Tennessean, Ramsey’s former administrative assistance Caitlin O’Connor first filed a federal lawsuit against consulting company Ramsey Solutions after she was terminated last June. She alleged that she was fired because she was pregnant, which came up after she asked for maternity leave paperwork. She had worked at the company for years. Court documents show that O’Connor’s departure was actually related to the fact that she had premarital s3x. She wasn’t married to her partner, the child’s father, when she shared news of her pregnancy with the company.

“Ms. O’Connor finally had a meeting with the Head of Human Resources and the board members and was informed that she was being terminated due to her pregnancy and for a violation of ‘Company Conduct,’ because she is not married to her partner, the baby’s father,” a statement in O’Connor’s legal complaint says.

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The complaint also shows that at least 12 more Ramsey Solutions employees were terminated or made to resign after it was discovered they had engaged in sexual activity while unmarried, and at least two ex-employees were fired for having affairs. The company’s attorneys said the former employees were terminated for these reasons.

Ramsey—who has 2.7 million followers on Instagram—has evidently indicated he is allowed to fire employees without cause or reason since Tennessee is an “at-will” state.

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It appears that Ramsey is also a COVID-19 naysayer. Back in December, he hosted a maskless indoor Christmas party at company headquarters and invited 1,500 guests. Those who catered for the soirée were also asked not to wear gloves or masks, even though virus cases were spiking around the holidays.


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