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Help! Will This Wedding List End Our Marriage Plans?


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Help! Will This Wedding List End Our Marriage Plans?


Good morning Ma please hide my identity please I need answer pls🙏am a graduate of EKSU currently serving at kwara state my fiance traveled since 2018 And we made plans that once he return he will come and pay my bride price then after that we fix date for our white wedding and since 2018 I have been waiting patiently for him to return and God could have it he returned March 7th 2021 he went to his place(village)in imo state we are actually from same state so he told me to come back to Owerri

I had to take permission from where i am serving and they allowed me that was how I came back to owerri on 10th of March 2021 was really happy seeing him so days after he came to my place with his people and collected my marriage list both for d men and women

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so he told me that d women list items Is really much that he can’t do d two together  that he want to do the men first which Is on Monday 29th of March 2021 and  then if he go back to Dubai he will send money to his parent to do d women list and if he come back December we can do our white wedding and

I was really Mad at him then I told him If he cant pay for d two list he should forget coming on Monday to pay anything and go back to his Dubai when he he prepared he can come and pay do d needful and he started telling me that my family Is Making decisions for me after his suffering to pay my bills please house I really need ur opinions in this matter what should I do

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  1. Talk to your family to consider and remove somethings from the list, especially the ones that are not necessary or compulsory. You still have to wait since he doesn’t have the resources to do the two or do you want him to steal? The fault is coming from your people not him oooo. Imo brides to dey expensive to marry so you gas chill oooo,no go use vex and desperation spoil things oooo

  2. Isn’t the list negotiable? Well, talk to your people to open room for negotiation, so they could reduce/remove items on the list. There’s life after wedding.

    I have an in-law who wanted to marry a lady then, after he got the list, it was quite high. Left for him he could afford it but his people said no, before the lady’s family could call for negotiation my guy has gone for introduction to his present wife. Na so he forget the first lady

  3. Some family members and their greed, they see bride price as an avenue to extort and exploit. Your family is greedy, I don’t even get, women’s list and men’s list, people who didnt send you to school, put food on your table, but when is bride price time, you see them showing up with their greed, even if they did you favors while growing up, it’s still not their business, it’s solely your parents decision. GOD bless


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