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My Boyfriend Always Wants S8x


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It’s not a friends story or from a blog, its mine and I want you all to read and give me matured advice.

I’ve been in a relationship for almost 8 months now and every time I go to visit my boyfriend. He must demand s3x,even if I say am on my period.
Sometimes I just get furious and say am no longer interested in the relationship and he starts begging and because I love him, I forgive him.
He’ll stop that for a while, then start it all over again.

He doesn’t consider my feelings at times, there was a certain time I was still mourning the death of my cousin, he came around and after sympathizing with me, he wanted us to have s8x..Gosh! I was so pissed.

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The one that pissed me off the most was last night, after having like 5 rounds, I felt sore all over, I told him that and he stopped, then this morning, while I was trying to pray, he started touching me again saying he wants me.

I don’t just understand whether this is normal,sometimes I just displease myself to please him but still he’s not satisfied.

Am confused on whether to quit or not, cos apart from the s8x thing, he still has his good sides and I don’t want to make a wrong decision.

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pls advice a confused sister…thanks

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  1. Your story is funny, you had five rounds of sex then the next morning, you wanted to pray…STOP FORNICATING my dear sister is all I will say, I hope you stop it. GOD bless you.

  2. Did you say boyfriend or husband? Will he marry you? Does he love you?What good plans does he have for you aside sleeping with you?Do people have boyfriends only for him to be sleeping with them every minute? If he continues sleeping with you like this, what will become of you when he dumps and not marry you because he has sucked you like an orange and then you will now begin to cry of heartbreak. Just 8months and you are complaining like this,the ball is in your court my sister, you better know what you want. You are not just there only because of sex,and who says you must sleep with him all because you are in a relationship. If you can cope with his sexual life style, no wahala if not run oooooo,run oooo as fast as your leg can carry you.

  3. My dear sister don’t u have better things to discuss about dan have fun almost all the time
    The way u present urself is the way u will be treated.. U guys have been dating for 8month and sex has been the normal routine u do all most all the time ,what give u d grante dat this ur bf will definitely marry u.been in a relationship is not about sex,but to encourage, support and to plan for a better future,is a pity that youth of this days can offer only sex to each others
    .my dear sis DAT ur bf will destroy ur life if care is not taken,bcos the only thing he has to offer is sex n sex..u will end up damaging ur body ,is better u live such guy bcos he has nothing to offer u …..

  4. To be candid my dear sister, in a relationship like this, truth need to be told, because that’s the purpose, lf you don’t tell him that you don’t like much sex like that he’ll not know, because he might have already broken up in his previous relationship for not satisfying her girlfriend, you have to know that you girls are different!,
    Some girls are looking for such a man,
    My advice for you is to tell him
    God bless you

  5. My position on this is straight and is that in as much he is not your husband and has not done what he needs to do as a man he doesn’t have right to your unless you are also enjoying the fun. However you don’t have to continue such relationship.

  6. This is not a relationship but rather a sex contract. please quit now that he hasn’t suck out all the vitamins in your body

  7. He has an agenda.. You better stop before you loose your virtue, offend God and he still dumps you.. You are to flee and not hang around it..


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