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My Baby’s Fathers Brother Threatening Me To Leave His Brother. Pls Advise


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My Baby’s Fathers Brother Threatening Me To Leave His Brother. Pls Advise


Good evening ma,


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post for me and hide my ID and also notify me when posted,


Me and my landlord son is dating…. Although he is the one that disvirgin me on the process he got me pregnant he took me to his village for me to know where he come from

But he beg me not to tell his people about the pregnancy but he will be taking care of me….. He is the last born and his parents are dead , he gave me the reason why he don’t want me to tell his people.

First his is broke his

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Seniors once are the one that is talking care of him

Second he wants to traveld outside the country,

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The guy is a very nice guy but he don’t have money which I pray he will make it in life. When I got pregnant he find a house for me then I pack out from there yard ……. So I told him since he don’t have for now let traveled to my village to give birth that my parents has forgiven me so I traveled to vila and I gave my birth there.


After I give birth I told him to call his people to inform them he said no I beg him but he refused, I thought maybe his hidden

Something…… So I decided to call his brother, his brother told every of his family, although they are very mad at us….. I ask the guy his intentions to was me he told me his is not ready for now that he needs to make money to take care of me and also he want to me to go back to school if he happens to get money, I’m 25years his 32years he also told me if I can wait for him that he will marry me , my baby is 8months the business am doing before I stayed In the road no umbrella

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So for now I’m not doing anything ….. My baby is very sick he ask me to come over his let him take of the baby I went there last week but she’s much better now so I’m planning to go back to my house today.


As I was bathing my baby his brother came to his house and started

Harassing me that she don’t want to see around his brother again am the course of his brother problem, since we started dating i have not ask this to give anything even as talking to u I only complain about his baby , but he do try for us…… I don’t know wat to do now

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He warmed me not to come across his brother.

Pls I need an adivce on wat to do

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  1. These are the major mistakes people make,you are just 25years without going to school or even having a good job and next you are already pregnant for your landlord’s son. Why? You didn’t bother using protection atleast and now you don’t know what to do.
    This is what you should do,you have to get a Job and fend for yourself ooo,that man is not ready even though he is 32 and that’s why his brother wants you to leave him alone. You better think of how to move on and think of things to do,good luck.

  2. You just have to look for something to do that will help you with your baby..babes gone are the days when women wait for men to fend for them..just get something doing to take care of you and your child..


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