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Help! Am Consumed With Guilt Of Betrayal For My BoyFriend


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day pls post 4 me, am a lady of 27 years have being looking for job for 8 month now which I couldn’t find one ,last month my boyfriend help me to get job where he works, he ask me to come for the interview on getting their the c.e.o ask me to come to his office.

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I told my bf he said I should go because we don’t know what he wanted to say on getting their the man said my qualification is not what they needed, that I can’t be employed, I was very worried, then he said if he can have s8x with me in his office then I will have the job with 50k salary monthly.

I don’t know what to say at this junction, I said the person that brought me here is my bf , the man said it doesn’t matter ,so I think of how to get another job if I loose this opportunity, so I agree, and we have s8x in his office toilet, immediately after that he gave me employment letter to start work next day also gave me 20k while I was going home that day.

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I started working I kept all this away from my bf cos is not what I can tell him, until last week Monday my bf was sacked for no reason I try to know what happen from the c.e.o he said he wanted to give me his post with 120k salary that is why he sacked him I pleads several time but he said no, he told me yesterday that from Monday I should resume to my bf office, am not happy about this and I can’t explain the truth for my bf , though he has been looking for another job but not getting, pls what can I do I don’t want to be an ingrate

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  1. Hello sister. You have to tell him, you caused all this. This sex of a thing is really destroying us, we must not allow it to rule us, sister just tell your boyfriend. You have to tell him. I love you. GOD bless you sister.

  2. Kia this is pure betrayal oooo,please don’t tell him ooo this might end the relationship ooo. What you should do is this,resume and make sure you are always assisting him before he gets a job,you can also help in search of a Job too,note that you can’t continue working there ,so have a plan B,save enough money and leave. But now that your boyfriend has left the office, this is an opportunity for your boss to have enough time to continue seeing you na,is it not true? I am sure you will still be enticed with what you have been getting from him,this betrayal will continue ooo as long as you are still there getting money from him so repent.

  3. How desperate could you be that you will betray your boyfriend to get a job? Please just tell him the truth and apologize to him. If your conscience can bear it, go ahead and resume the post.


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