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My Fiance Attitude Changed After We Had A S8x Engagement(Covenant)


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My Fiance Attitude Changed After We Had A S8x Engagement(Covenant)



Am a single mom, I have a child (girl) pls I need this humble and wonderful group to help and advise me because am getting confused, I recently got engaged  with my boyfriend, he requested for s8x engagement but I asked for blood engagement but he insisted on s8x engagement saying that it involves blood, spirit, body and soul, hmmm so I agrees to his opinion and we carried on with the engagement.

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He said any one that fails to obey the engagement orders will run mad, and if I marry another person other than him I will run mad, both him and I, any one the fails to the orders of the engagement, so we have done it and I will say its fun and I think he loves me and I love him more than he do.

Where I need advice is this: he packed out from his former yards where he lived before to another place far from mine and ever since he packed out he hasn’t invite me to his new apartment, even when I tell him I want to come he will say I should calm down, that he will invite me soon, and at times if I call him, he will not pick my calls.

I will call him more than ten times he won’t pick unless he is at road or outside then he will pick the call and tell me he wasn’t with his phone,  it has beginning to make me think other wise but I have asked him if he has any one and he said no that if he need only sex that he would have tell me, that he want to spend the rest of his life with me that his not cheating but his action and some of his attitude keeps telling me something is going wrong but I still ask my self why would he ask for covenant when he has someone else his dating but I can’t clear myself.

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Pls I need advice on how to tackle this situation bcoz he has engaged me with all the covenants we made and I have no other men in my life and am trying to be his alone and at the same time I don’t want to loose at last. Pls inculcate morals to my little brain if this could be real or his faking love towards me pls. Notify me when posted ma’am and keep my I’d hidden.

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  1. He is definitely hiding something from you,you made a mistake by doing whatever engagement with him,who does that in this present age?You better denounce whatever blood or sex or amadioha engagement that you have had and think of the next thing you can do with yourself or your life.Don’t know how young people of this age and time define love oooo. Please take care of yourself and pretty daughter. God bless you as you forge ahead in life

  2. If he loved you, he wouldn’t involve you in a covenant
    If you love someone , always remember the are not robots programmed to love only you or not cheat. You don’t need prophetic eyes to see trust no man (not even yourself) in the bible
    This issue must be dealt with by genuine men of God. You got to break away or you suffer the consequencies which are soon to start
    It can affect your finances, social life, general life and basically drag you down

    • Who does blood covenant this days ??? Even Bible is against it . Re u that weak to say No.,
      U better run to church for prayer cos he is hiding something. Picking calls outside and refusal to show u his new apartment.


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