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Trust Issues, Should I Continue The Relationship?


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Trust Issues, Should I Continue The Relationship?


Happy new week everyone.
I decided to bring this up on this platform cos I want candid and lucid advice. I be brief on this.

I am a Pharmacist working with one of the government owned health care centre. There’s this girl I’ve been with for more than 2years now. She is a law student in her penultimate year in university. Like most Nigerian relationships, we started with lot of distractions and lacked commitment but over time it remained just the two of us.

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At the beginning of this year 2021 we made relationship goals and decided to be transparent to each other. We shared every secrets, went through each others phone and asked questions where necessary. All went well until last month when I went to check on her in the university, asked for her phone as usual wanted checking her whatsapp. She didn’t let me, said till she comes for weekend when we’ll have good time for that. I was surprised, had my doubts but let it slide. She later came for the weekend, I acted as if I don’t care anymore and that was it.

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Similar event happened last night after she went through my phone (whatsapp, facebook, twitter etc) cos she has my password but I don’t have hers. I unexpectedly asked for her phone too, she said it’s late and we should leave it till am back from weekend call later in the evening. I kept my cool last night but was bent on seeing her chat this morning not until she bursted into tears. I ain’t perfect, have my flaws but I am free spirited whenever I am around her. It normal for a lady to have lots of guys in her dm, but I think it’s a problem when it becomes secretive to your partner.

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Should I play along, start having secrets too or what’s your thought guys.

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NB: I skipped so many things, decided being straight to the point.

Lalasticla…I remain loyal, hoping you’ll do the needful smiley

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