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What Do Women Really Want? See How My Pregnant Wife Paid Me Back For My Kindness.


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What Do Women Really Want? See How My Pregnant Wife Paid Me Back For My Kindness.

What would you do if you discovered that the woman that you have sacrificed everything for is nothing but a backstabber, a betrayer, and a wicked woman? I met my girlfriend when she was in 300 level in school. I was working as a Manager in a warehouse. That was my first job after school. It didn’t pay much but I was happy cos I believe starting small is not a bad thing.

Ebere, my girlfriend was a struggling student and because I liked her, I used to send her 20k every month from my Salary of 65k. Her family was very grateful to me and they accepted me as their future son-in-law. There is nothing I didn’t do for Ebere. I was in love with her. She was the smartest girl in the world as far as I am concerned. Pretty, shy, and very respectful, my people loved her too.

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We got married after she graduated. She got pregnant and even though, I was not so financially buoyant. But I provided for her cos she had not started working. She was expecting her NYSC call-up when she got pregnant. I asked her to defer so she can take care of the pregnancy and baby but she promised me that she can cope, so I agreed.

My wife, Ebere went to Camp when she was 4 months pregnant but she was not showing cos of her small stature. During the camp period, I got my brother to speak to one of the camp commandants to help me look after my wife especially because of her condition. However, I didn’t tell my wife. I only told her who to go to any time she has an issue on camp.

So, during the three weeks camp, my brother got feedback from the commandant. The commandant asked if we are really married cos he was shocked at my wife’s behavior on comp. The commandant said he does not want to be the one to break anyone’s marriage but my wife never behaves like a married woman, not to talk of pregnant one at that matter.

I called my wife to ask her what was going on. That it appears she is misbehaving, maybe flirting with boys. She denied it vehemently and said maybe they were confusing her with someone else. I was confused cos the commandant sounded very sure of what he was saying.

So, I kept my cool. Trying to believe the right thing about my wife. So, after camp, we did all we could to redeploy her back home. It was proving difficult. I gave money so some people who eventually helped her get her redeployment. My wife finally came back home and posted to a primary school not too far from our home. They allowed her to come in just once a week because she is pregnant.

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So, my wife was able to stay some time at home. The only issue was that I became suspicious again when would go for anti-natal care every week and spend almost the whole day. She complained of the crowd at the health centre. I understood cos I have been with her to the health centre once.

One day, when she was around 5 months pregnant, my wife told me she was going to the health centre and from there, she would go and visit her friend in Ajah. I asked her why so far since we live on the mainland in Ejigbo. She explained that she has not seen this lady for a long time. So, I said no problem. But she should be careful cos of her condition.

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That day, I got back home so late from work, around 8.30 pm. My wife was not at home. I called and called her number cos I was worried. She didn’t pick up at first. Later, she said she didn’t hear the phone ring and she was in traffic. Long story short, she said the traffic is not moving and so she has decided to go back to her friend’s place to pass the night and will be back in the morning.

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I was so upset with her and told her no married woman will behave like this. The next day, she did not arrive home before I left for work. She called m around 9am, that she was now home. I got home that evening and we had a serious quarrel. I told her that I would never tolerate her sleeping outside our home ever again cos married people do not sleep outside of their house.

My wife tried to defend herself, saying she could have been kidnapped if she continued coming home that night. I made up my mind to secretly follow her on her next hospital appointment. Her appointment was next Tuesday. I pretended to go to work but waited in a shop close to our house. Soon as I left, 20mins later, my wife came out of the house and got on a keke to the bustop. I followed closely on a bike.

At the bus stop, my wife took a bus to CMS( meanwhile, her anti-natal clinic is in Ejigbo). I entered the bus and sat at the back, disguising myself. At CMS, she took another bus to Ajah. I still followed disguising myself with sunglasses and a cap. After the long trip to Ajah, she got down at a bus stop and took Keke. I followed closely in another Keke. She got off in one street. And went into a house.

On getting into the house, she knocked on a door, a man opened the door and embraced my wife and she went inside. I could not believe my eyes. By now, I was breathing so hard, I thought I was going to have a heart attack. I managed to wait like 20mins before I summoned up courage, and went to the same door my wife entered.

As I got close, my suspicions became clear: I could hear my wife moaning …my wife was f*cking the man. I knocked on the door and found out that it was not even locked. I opened it and right there spread like an Eagle, this man, was pounding my wife. I didn’t do anything, I only brought out my phone, videoed them, and left. My wife was shocked…the man was like…who are you?

I did not wait to hear any explanation or begging. I got home and threw her things out and cried like a baby. My wife and I were over. Her family, everyone pleaded and pleaded…I said no need. I was done. I told her after she put to bed, I would do a paternity test for the child. I am so pained and disappointed in my wife. I did her no wrong. All she could say was that she was tempted.

Her mother said she was jazzed. How? This is a 26-year-old woman.I miss her every day, I wish I could forgive her and we go back to being married but I cannot get the mental picture of her with that man on top of her. Who knows how many more men have been sleeping with her.

Why do women do this to good men? I never treated her badly, gave her all my love, my money and my life. Can we ever move past this? My baby is due in three and a half months. How will I be able to look at that child even if he or she turns out to be mine? Knowing their mother cheated on me when they were in her tummy.

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I am still trying to comprehend what I did wrong to deserve this…please what did I do wrong? and those asking me to forgive her because of the baby,will you actually do that if you were in my shoes?



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What Do Women Really Want? See How My Pregnant Wife Paid Me Back For My Kindness.
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  1. This story really touched me.‍♂️

    You are 4 months old pregnant and you are still having an affair with dog in human form, and the dog clearly knows that you are a married woman.

    Who knows, the dog may be her bf right from the school or NYSC camp.

    I solidly support you to do the paternity test to ascertain if really the baby is yours!

    I feel your pains….I pray you will have solace soon.

    My fear for women still remain second to none and no body can change it!

    • Wah!! This is so sad and painful. I think this woman never married you because she loved you. She married you out of gratitude because you really supported her in school and their family. She didn’t want to hurt you nor their family because they knew how much you had sacrificed for their daughter. The guy that you find her with was the love of her life and maybe they started this long time ago. Whenever she was with him she felt good because maybe it was her first love but you happened to be in the picture because of your good and kind heart of supporting her and that is why she married you. Forgive her for the sake of your own peace and your child. Then maybe you should find out from her why she did it then from there pray for God’s wisdom depending on her response to resolve this issue. I know it is not easy

  2. Forgive her but don’t marry her again,,she is a dog…. If u take her back she still going to continue to cheat on u. God this women is heartless ow can s1 be pregnant n still be cheating on top of DAT.. U need to pray for DAT baby if possible d baby is yours bcos dey will be a spill on dat child…I really feel ur pains

  3. She is not your wife nnam,please you have to look for your wife and marry your wife ooo,she is wicked,heartless. Did you say she was seeing a man with her 5months pregnancy? This is serious oooo,that child is not for you,if you like believe me or not. She is just 26years na,she still wan chop life,she still want to enjoy her life to the fullest but not while she is pregnant na. You will regret it if you ever keep her in your house ooo, she will do worse, infact that woman will bring in a man into your matrimonial bed,from Ejigbo to Aja all because of sex,have you not been satisfying her very well?This is the disadvantage of marrying young girls like her. Odiegwu, nnam take heart oooo,ije woke.

  4. So so pathetic. Guy, I feel your pain. A pregnant woman having an affair and a man sleeping with another man’s wife WHO IS PREGNANT??.
    What is this world turning into, bikonu?
    Hmm, this is so sad.
    Please, find it in your heart to forgive her, for your peace of mind. I support you go for a paternity test on the baby after he’s born.
    Whatever is the outcome, please, show her mercy. If you search your heart and find out you still love her and she changes for the better, please, forgive and take her back.

  5. Its such a pathetic story. I really don’t know what to say to explain her actions but please forgive and let go. Whether this action of hers can make you trust her again or let the marriage continue is entirely up to you, take it one day at a time but please forgive for your sanity sake.
    I support doing a paternity test for the child but don’t make any decisions when you’re angry or emotional.
    I pray you heal and come out of this heartbreaking experience.
    It’s well with you brother.

  6. Please move on with your life but sure you forgive… holding her in unforgiveness is not good for your health and wellness..
    Just forget about that marriage…

  7. Forgive her but let her go. She would not be happy with you. She probably doesn’t love you but married you due to the help you rendered while she was in school.


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