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Everything was peaceful in my family until my brother married an Imo state girl


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Everything was peaceful in my family until my brother married an Imo state girl


Hide my id please.

We are from a Christian family of 9.8 boys and 1girl. All grown up. The two-last born are in secondary school. ok since we were born, we hardly quarrel talk more of fighting that will lead people to come to settle dispute. People always jealous my family unity.

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There is never a dispute that pass my parents or hard for us to handle within the house. But ever since my brother got married to one Imo state girl trouble enter. All the time my siblings that are staying with my brother always give complain of how the girl is maltreating them. I do give them advise regularly and I also call them to know how far. We keep it off our parents because they are growing older. Remember this girl have not stayed up to a year in the house and she didn’t know most of us the siblings to her husband. Every time I hear of the way she is broadcasting our family to her family only because her husband is the only one that has money now. She has no respect for anyone. Not as if her family has anything, they are poor. When her brother wanted to marry, I heard she withdraw my brother’s money and gave to his brother for the marriage but she never allow my brother to do anything for anyone in our house.to cut the whole story.

Last year my siblings had issues with her, and she was agitating that my brother should send them home. Not as if they have another person to assist them in the house but  I think she want to bring her siblings in. after we settle the issues, my mum warned them and they calm down but the said girl keep disturbing them.to the extent that she even beat them anytime, mature boys for that matter now last week the woman went to the guys bag as they left for school and market and brought out some money and other things they saved and submit to her husband and that brought another issue which now lead to my brother sending those guys home.

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This said girls is heavily pregnant to deliver anytime soon. Now I called the girl to confirm the problem, but she claimed that she has been good to them, but she thinks all of us hate her that is why we are calling her. Now they guys r in d village when one of them supposed to be writing WAEC this period. I’m confused about everything. Not as if none of us are not hustling.my elder brother has graduated for over 10years no work. I graduated since 2018.but I had failed one course that hinder me from going to service all this while and nowhere to raise funds to settle it or to even see a menial work to do in order to raise money. Now please kindly advise me I will be reading your comments. God bless you all


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