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My Ex-Girlfriend Wants Me Back But Is There Is Someone Else -Pls Advice


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My Ex-Girlfriend Wants Me Back But Is There Is Someone Else -Pls Advice

Please share this story for me, it’s urgent…my name is J. Not real name,I was in a relationship with V right from her first year in the university, even though it is not always smooth but we have had really good memories together.

I’ve f*cked up many times and we still always see that we settle on time,we have always been there for each other no matter what, but something happens, whenever I travel for small jobs our communication drops and V hated it and always complain,I promised her that I will change.

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So in 2018 I was posted to Calabar for service and the communication totally dropped. V became upset and called off the relationship,I tried to communicate but to no avail. Fast forward to march 2019 I finished serviced and her one day luckily she picked and we began to vibe again,

I invited her to calabar she came and talked things out,I finally came back to the state where we all reside,things has been going super well early 2020 before the corona,V complained that I bought form for masters without us discussing it and many job opportunity came my way but I didn’t tell her because I knew she would advice me to take it.

So she found out and got really upset again that I was not involving her in my life planning and she asked me where she belongs in my life, instead of answering her questions I started preaching to her against desperation and family pressure, she got upset and shunned me,I love her with my life and can’t afford to lose her but I was stupid, she stopped communicating.

I got sleepless night will often times cry and beg her on phone, she paid deaf to my pleas, on the day she agrees to see me, she decides no s*x , she hates it when I touch her and felt a kind of resentment for me, we were on and off till ending of last year where things got worst since she said she wanted a s*xless relationship and just can’t, so I told her that if no s*x then no point being together after all men are spec, and we finally broke up.

We didn’t communicate again until this year, she sent me a message that she wants to have a conversation and she just showed up at my place, we talked and talked, then the next day she called me that she wants to see me and we planned to lodge, after all, conversation, she said was sorry and want us back.

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I still love her but the issue is that I got into a new relationship earlier this year this lady has been nothing but good to me, she is madly in love with me and has never offended me,in fact, I’ve been the one offending her and she apologized,V has said it that there is no pinot dating the both of them that I should make a decision and what ever I conclude with,she will take it like that, pls advice me.


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My Ex-Girlfriend Wants Me Back But Is There Is Someone Else -Pls Advice
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  1. Please stay with the new girl to avoid all these drama between you and V,the new girl hasn’t done anything bad to you ,so tell V to move on. She was your ex right? Anyways you know what you want as the man,so make a wise choice.

  2. You actually do not know what you want yet. You don’t have plans for any of the girls so what kind of advice do I give you now. When you are ready to get married, you decide on the values you want and whoever meets them you go ahead. Pre-marital sex is wrong whether we like it or not

  3. Please sit yourself down and decide on what you want.. you’re not being fair to yourself and all these ladies.. make up your mind before you take any decision… good luck


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