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I Am Scared Of Accepting Marriage Proposal From Any Guy Because Of The Experience I Got From My EX.


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 I Am Scared Of Accepting Marriage Proposal From Any Guy Because Of The Experience I Got From My EX.

Please, Family, I need your advice.I am Lilian (not my real name),29yrs old. I am very scared of accepting any proposal from any guy because of the experience I got from my Ex.I was in an off and on relationship for 5years, first, he lied to me of not having any other Lady when he proposed to me, secondly he left me for another lady after a year and some months, the lady left him and he came back begging me to come back.

I did because before his call came in I had a dream and I saw him begging me to forgive him,I woke up and told my friend and She said I should forgive him, immediately I picked my phone, his message came in begging me. Thirdly,I noticed he was not giving me attention anymore, I draw his attention toward it and he got angry,I later found out that he keeps numerous women in the name of helping them yet he was sending anything to me.

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I never bothered about it because I felt since he was building, he will need money to finish his house but never knew I was only fooling myself thinking that way,I confronted him and he got angry, after some days, he apologized. September last year I went to visit him, one thing led to another I became pregnant but miscarried the baby when I was 16weeks.

After 2 weeks of what happened, my ex started exhibiting some character, once I try to talk, he will flame up and said he can’t continue with the marriage, after some days he got angry for no reason and left my house and told me to give back the engagement ring, I gave him and he left.

After some months, I started feeling somehow, so I went for a pelvic scan and the result was not too good but there is a solution but it will cost me money, then I decided to send the result and the film of the Scan to him hoping to get assistance from him but he did not make a move so right now I’m battling with my health and the pains of the miscarriage on alone because I wanted to be a nice person.

Fourthly, I may not have given him money but I have sacrificed what is more than money for him: the shame, pains, insult, gifts.I have called two of his friends to talk to him but he was mocking me for begging him to come back. Now my concern is since my Ex dumped me, many guys have been asking me out but my heart is so heavy that I have canceled marriage in my diary because I don’t think I can love again.

People are now seeing me as someone that is insane, once we become friends and anyone proposes to me, I will stop talking to the Person because I see Men as wicked people. I want to settle down but very scared. Please what should I do? and sorry for the long story.

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I Am Scared Of Accepting Marriage Proposal From Any Guy Because Of The Experience I Got From My EX.
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  1. My sister all men are not the same ooo,there are still some good men out there. Take your time and choose a good man and pray for God’s direction. Sorry for all the pains you must have gone through, it is well with your soul.

  2. First of all you need to forgive and secondly you need to heal from every hurt you are experiencing right now..
    Consciously close your heart to the pain you felt in the past..it’s past and you don’t have to dwell in your past because it has a way of affecting you which is exactly what you are going through right now.
    All men are not same my dear..we have nice and God fearing men out there looking for nice ladies to make their wives so don’t conclude that all men are same..
    Open your heart again to love and most importantly ask God for help and God in his Almightiness will grant you your heart desires.. good luck my dear.


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