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Help! Am in between following my destiny helper and or obeying my Fathers’ instruction


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Help! Am in between following my destiny helper and or obeying my Fathers’ instruction


Good day MA,

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Please house my issue is not marriage but I need advice from the mummy’s and Daddy’s in this house. I’m a lady of 21yrs,i wrote my Wace 2016 April, and started Auxiliary nurse August 2016 graduated  2019 April, by God grace I started working. So, April last year I change my place of work and started working in a pharmacy, since I graduated there was no money to open my chemist, I always pray for a helper and I have the intention to forward my Education.

One faithful Sunday last year my Pst. Preach on a topic HELP FROM ABOVE, I claim it with faith, breaking Monday I got to work my Boss called me and told me that he wants me to go to school but I said No that my parents don’t have money to train me now that I will go but not now, he told me that he didn’t ask me if my parents want to train me, but he said he wants me to go to school let me get prepared for Jamb this year, but I keep telling him to hold on let me think of it, he gave me money to go and get my text books with Jamb past question and start studying them, this man is a Medical Dr.

The wife is a Pharmacist, this family including their relative love me they treat me as part of them, this man is a nice  person he had help me beyond my expectations, now we want to relocate because the shop landlord wants to make use of the shop, were he see a new shop now is a little bit distance from were am staying, so he said because of dangers in the night when am closing from work, he will rent a house for me and be feeding me while waiting for jamb and Admission, but parents are against it.

I have study and my mind are all on school I want to a Certified nurse I know I will make it more better if I go to school, my parents say they want to sell 1farm and open a chemist for me while all my focus now is school, please house am confused of what to do I see this man as a help God has send for me but my parents don’t want to understand, I need Advice if I should disobey my parents and follow this man to the new while waiting for jamb or I should allow my parents to sell the farm and open the chemist for me…..

I know that if I don’t go to school now and they open the chemist my next prayer point will be husband not school again….am afraid going into marriage when I can’t assist my Husband what am reading in this MSE group has taught me much, and that is the same suffering my mother is pass through  HOUSE WIFE IS DANGEROUS. Please I need advice sorry for the long story.

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  1. It is not good to disobey your parents but if the place is not too far from you and you are sure the man is doing it genuinely please go and make sure you always see them during weekends. They will be amazed and be proud of you when you become a certified nurse,follow your dreams ooo. Having a chemist shop is not just enough if really you want to stand out In this profession of yours. I wish you all the best


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