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Her Ex-Husband’s Family Are Trying To Set Her Up-Pls Advice


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Her Ex-Husband’s Family Are Trying To Set Her Up-Pls Advice

This matter concerns my twin sister. When we were in University final year, she fell in love with a young guy who is into the spare parts business. This man was 28 years old and she was 24. My parents were skeptical about this guy and the fact that he was a millionaire at such a young age. But it’s not uncommon to see spare parts dealers who are very young and very rich.

This guy quickly made his intentions known to marry my sister. He spent money on my family members, bought a Benz for my dad so everyone was singing his praises before you know it. She got married immediately after graduation and got pregnant for him.

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They had a son. Unfortunately, the boy died mysteriously. My grandmother called my father to tell him that that boy was killed to sustain my sister’s husband’s wealth. By then, we were hearing rumors about my sister’s husband’s source of wealth. That he was in the occult world.

My sister and my mother started organizing prayers and vigil in my sister’s house cos my sister was having nightmares. That annoyed the husband. He kept saying there were being too loud in their prayers disturbing his peace. Even if they tried to pray quietly, he would still complain.

This man banned my mother from his house. He lied that he does not want any family member in their house since their marriage is still young. So, my sister used to secretly come to our house to pray with my mother. Then I was in Lagos working. I had a dream that this man wanted to kill my sister, so I told my mother.

My mother got a pastor to be organizing prayers for my sister. The man blessed anointing oil and gave it to my sister to anoint her home. The day my sister did that and the husband came back, he was so mad at my sister that he beat her up, got upset and drove in anger out of the house that night.

The man died in an accident that night. God preserved my sister’s life cos he died instead of her. Now, this man’s family started funeral plans and we got wind that they were going to make my sister go through the traditional burial rites of drinking the water they used to bathe her husband’s corpse. My father said over his dead body. He and my elder brother organized and secretly took my sister out of that house and took her by night bus to Lagos.

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The family was so angry and they accused my sister of killing their brother. They tried to make trouble in my family house but God used an influential man to save us all. From Lagos, we did a visa for my sister and she went to live with my Uncle in America.

It’s been four years since. My sister met someone she wants to marry and the problem now is, it is the custom to go check the bride’s family and they discovered all that my sister’s ex-husband’s family has been saying. Spreading lies about my sister and my family.

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My sister’s fiancé in US and his family back in Nigeria are now being reluctant to proceed with the marriage. So, my dad told my sister to forget him. A few months later, she met someone again. This one is not from South East but he is from the middle belt. His family only insisted that my family return the bride price her ex-husband paid to my family.

My father organized for the bride price to be returned but the ex-husband’s family are refusing to meet with our family. They are insisting my sister must swear she has no hand in their son’s death. My sister is willing to swear but we are all worried that this family does not have clean hands. We just hope they do not use this swearing thing to try to harm my sister.

I am of the opinion that my sister refuses to swear and if it means this her new fiancé goes, so be it. But my sister feels until she settles with he ex-family, she will keep having issues. Well, let her marry a non-Nigerian who does not care about culture but my parents will not agree. I decided to post this here so that well-meaning Nigerians can help me advise my sister.

What should she do?? Come back to swear or forget her second engagement? When I told her to forget, she said it’s because I am married now. That she is almost 30 years, who will marry her if she keeps rejecting people. That its best she goes to swear once and for all.

My mother and her church people have been fasting and praying. I think this is crazy. After escaping from people who almost killed you four years ago, you want to go and submit yourself to them, just to prove that you didn’t kill their son? What is to say that they will believe whatever you say?

My brother and I are against the swearing thing but my father has said he will hire security and prophets to go with my sister to swear. Please advise us…I want people to help my sister see that this plan is crazy. Please, I will be showing her comments on the blog today.



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Her Ex-Husband's Family Are Trying To Set Her Up-Pls Advice
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  1. Please no swearing, you have succeeded in running from them, no point going back. Any man that loves you enough will join you too find a solution to this. Itsv continuous prayers. I think you need to see a pastor concerning this issue. Not those fake prophets that you pay to see please. But please don’t fall in the trap and go back to that family

  2. I was very young when my dad died, my mum wanted to take us (I and my sis) to the village so she went to see a prophet and he said, “God said NO”. Another time we wanted to go, God still said NO. Recently we wanted to go for a burial still God said we (the children) should not go only her can go. While she was there a man of God told her “thank God your children did not come (we are adults now and those people still they wait)”. It’s not because she (my mum) killed her husband, it’s just that her husband’s family are Edo witches and wizards, they killed the poor man (my dad) too.
    Your sister has to go see a man of God or she can ask God herself what He has to say on this matter, she shouldn’t just go like that without hearing what God has to say ooo.

  3. When your sister realized he’s an occult man why didn’t she leave him? Who is sure that that anointing oil does not contain substance that caused the death of the man. You’re happy the man died instead of your sister. You don’t want lose your sister but prefer that the young man dies right. A pastor told your people the belongs to occult world but he was already a millionaire before he meet your sister. Your family killed him believe it or not

  4. What I’m saying is her family killed the young man. Is only in Nigeria you will make money abs people will call you a ritualist. Pastors keep destroying home marriages. Now his dead abs your sister has moved on without any delay while she could have moved on with her life while young man lives

  5. This matter strong, you don’t need any pastor or prophet. You all should engage in midnight prayers using Ps 35,91,109 calling the names of your sister ex husband family. Pray and fast daily with this psalms but pray the psalms at midnight and watch God take over the battle. You can join NSPPD 7amfireprayers from tomorrow. Google streams of joy international and see God do wonders. No swearing please. This too shall pass. Shalom!!!


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