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He didn’t pay my bride price in full and we separated. if i remarry, is it adultery?


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He didn’t pay my bride price in full and we separated. if i remarry, is it adultery?


I am writing this for my friend and colleague… Though she’s not a member of this forum, but she’s been in my house for like 1week now and seen how I read out to her hearing some people’s lives experience here…so she decided to seek people’s view in her own case..
She wrote:
5yrs ago I got pregnant for a man, him & his uncles came to see my family…they collected marriage list and they said that my family should calculate everything to monetary form which my family did….
It was about 400,000….
So they paid close to 200,000 and said when I put to bed they’ll complete the remaining money…
After I put to bed, he refused to pay the remaining money and even said he’s not marrying me again…
He left me but he still take care of the child fully..
I am now a single mom, and it’s been 3yrs now he sent me out of his house..
Other men have been coming for my hand in marriage but I am confused and scared, in the sense that I was once married and if I should continue it means I’m committing adultery…
I don’t know if I was truly married most times since he didn’t pay the complete money..
Pls I want to know if I go ahead to marry someone else, am I wrong?
Will I be committing sin against God? 😥😥😥
I don’t know where I truly belong right now whether divorcee or single…
Pls I need clearance…
A big tnks to my friend, I’ll surely join this group

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  1. Return his close to #200k bride price and remarry biko,what is all these? Why are you scared? Who even told you about adultery sef,you better return his half payment bride price and marry someone who is ready to pay in full. I wish you all the best

  2. Go ahead and marry without looking back. Stop suffering yourself over a man that have moved on with his life. Return his 200k


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