HomeAdviceHow do i manage my mother in law excesses?

How do i manage my mother in law excesses?


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How do i manage my mother in law excesses?


Good day ma,

pls help me post in the group and hide my I’d pls.

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My husband is the only son and the only one financially stable in his family, he sends his mum money on daily basis and reach out to other siblings whenever he has, but he’s mum visit us anytime without informing us, she goes to my kitchen and park food stuffs without even telling me or her son, she even go as far as searching the house to know if my husband bought anything new for me.

she takes my kitchen utensils, seriously I am not comfortable about her stalking my house all the time but I cannot tell her because I don’t want to offend her, I believe she knows what’s right and wrong.

Where I need your advice now is that we rented a new apartment now (yet to move in) I and my husband has gone to the new apartment and my husband has earlier warned me not to tell any member of his family where our new apartment is located at, but his mum has been asking me for the address to the house and I always tell her that I have not been there before, but we’ll be moving in by next weekend and I know she will continue to ask me for our address because her son won’t tell her.

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Seriously I don’t know how to handle this because my husband will be mad at me if I end up telling his parents where our new apartment is. And I don’t want to offend he’s family especially his mum by not giving them address to our house please advise me on the best way to handle this. thanks I’m in the comments section, no insult please 🙏

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  1. Nne this requires wisdom and diplomacy na. I beg you, do not ever tell her the new address unless you are still comfortable with her excesses. Just keep posting her until she gets tired of asking, you can tell her it somewhere very very very very very very far, you understand abi,by the time she asks you like twenty times,she go tire. God bless you jare better wife material with 100yards material,but your husband na correct nigga,better husband wey no dey support rubbish

  2. If your mother in-law his family members are not allowed make sure your own people are not allowed too. I’m sure if she’s your mother you will tolerate all that. Your husband is doing himself harm than good. She should give them the new address and warn them to visit unannounced. Do not give her fake address. Tell your husband to do that he should be man enough to set rules and not run away from his responsibilities. You cannot deny your mother in-law her right.

  3. DO NOT TELL HER THE ADDRESS, the way you sound, it’s like you are afraid of her or what. You said you don’t want to offend her by not telling her the address of your new house, you are funny oo, so you think it’s offence by you not telling her. GOD bless you.


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