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Reasons Young Girls Date Married Men


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Most girls of nowadays sleep with married men, it has become so rampant and so bad that I can put the statistics at around 90%. And the worst part is they actually enjoy doing it, and most of them do it because of money (sugar daddy tinz), some do it because it’s a no “commitment” relationship that gives them the pleasures of a normal relationship but without accountability and policing that normal boyfriends do.

A married man doesn’t have time or moral justification to be checking or monitoring her life whether she is cheating or not, after all he is a cheat too, so they enjoy being cheats together without condemning themselves. So she has her “freedom” intact while she is sleeping with a married man. They also do it because of social connections, because generally the married man is older and might have a social network that she can connect with for other benefits besides s3x, like job connections or business connections.

Some girls do it because of ego, they are egomaniacs but because their boyfriends are alpha males too and won’t lick their shoes or kiss their a*ss, they run to a married man that will worship and pamper her emotionally with sweet words and call her queen all the time and fill her head with adulation and adoration lies, while she gives him the cookie jar to eat for being a good boy unlike her dictator boyfriend that dictates to her all the time.

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But the WORST ONES, are the girls that just do it for the THRILL of it. These ones are natural psychos, with twisted minds. THEY SLEEP WITH MARRIED MEN FOR FUN, for the fun of making themselves feel higher and better than his wife, for the fun of feeling they are too beautiful and can snatch any man they want from any woman, and for the fun of watching another woman suffer as she makes her man choose her over the wife or the fun of feeling good about a man rejecting his wife because of her………………… Fear women, after devil, na dem.


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