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She Told Me Her Honest Story But It Made Me Lose Interest In Her


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She Told Me Her Honest Story But It Made Me Lose Interest In Her



Have been friends with a babe at my workplace and from her frequent visit to my office plus the way she calls me to check on me . you could easily tell that she likes me .

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One thing led to another and we ended up kissing , after the kiss I told her to tell me about her past relationships plus her s3xual life .

She opened up to me that she was introduced to s3x at 8years old by one neighbor uncle ,
she told me how the uncle take her to his room and ask her to play with his Pr*ck and sometimes would make her suck it ,she claim she couldn’t tell her mom because she will beat her mercilessly

She said she officially started having s3x at 10 ,she disclosed that she had done 4 abortions so far although the abortions were for the same guy . mind you she is just 24 years old

She claimed she’s telling me all this because she loves me and wants to be honest with me .

But hearing all that I was weak.. this babe is from a wealthy family , she travels to yankee like someone going to a neighboring state plus she is an MSC Holder , unknown to her I have decided that I would marry her because she’s educated and wealthy family is like a bonus but now she actually disgust me and I wish she didn’t tell me all that ..

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Ladies are doing sh*t behind forget all that pretty gentle face.. if I was to judge with the face I could have bet with my life that this babe was a virgin or at least not that experienced in s3x …

and pls ladies if you have such dirty past ,I think u should keep it to yourself…

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I’m just lost for words , wish I could unhear everything

Source: Nairaland

Photo Credit: Tesh N Writings

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  1. Most peoples past stories are not pleasant yours may not be as terrible as hers. Seriously not everyone can deal with another’s persons past so I won’t judge you but let the lady know that you can’t deal with her past. Please don’t get her hopes up, disconnect from her totally and let her be.

  2. So you even intended marrying her cos of her rich background and status, not because you love her. That’s why you were thrown off balance by her past.
    If it were to be a a lady, you will say she is only after guy’s money.
    All I can say is.. Let her be, if you can’t be with her and never you judge her based on her past.
    Thank you

  3. Its good she told you, you said you will marry her cos she is educated and wealthy family is like a bonus. You are a GREEDY person. Leave her alone. GOD bless you.

  4. Oga u don’t love her abeg…carry ur crase Waka…u r just not serious…u no mature enof sef…mshewww…abeg leave somebody’s daughter alone …

  5. There’s no need to judge her..you asked and she was truthful enough to open up to you.. please look for another rich girl that is a virgin whose looks marches her personality… good luck.

  6. Do leave her alone,this lady has gone through a lot that she doesn’t even know. Your judgemental attitude is unhealthy for her mental state. Just look at you intending to marry her for education and wealthy background. Let her know that you are not interested in her so you both can move on.

  7. U asked for it & now u are calling her names, men can be so selfish. Remember what happened to her was not her fault,she was molested . Wat u shld be concerned about is her present has she changed,can she stick to one guy at a time and other good qualities you should look out for. If the good out weighs the bad then u have nothing to fear. But if u know u can’t over look her past,just let her be please.


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