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My Boyfriend behavior Changed suddenly. Does this mean he doesn’t love me anymore?


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My Boyfriend behavior Changed suddenly. Does this mean he doesn’t love me anymore?


Good evening ma. Pls ma post for me and hide my identity and pls notify me when posted 🙏🙏.

I need your advice fams. I’m 21 years old and will be 22 by August. and I’m a virgin.

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I ran into this guy last year October, I fell in love with him and we started dating by November.
We haven’t really spend time together to talk well because of distance. I love this guy so much that I told him everything about my self including my last relationship and he felt sorry for me and said he’s never gonna hurt me and that he is gonna marry me. Though he tells me he loves me, when we started dating earlier he calls me everyday and we talk for like an hour. He told me he would love to marry me no matter what happens. but the problem is that this guy no longer care for me like before. He has never a day send me a good morning / goodnight / happy new month message except I do first before he replies. He picks on everything I do or fails to do. He uses my weaknesses against me. Whenever I get angry he also will get angry and won’t talk to me for sometime.

There was a day we had an argument and at the end I got angry by his words, he also got angry and did not talk to me for somedays.. and after some few days he started calling me but I refused to pick his calls. So he got angry and block me on Facebook and WhatsApp I couldn’t reach him, I sent him numerous text messages but no reply, called him so many times but rejected my calls… So many attitude of him that I can’t tell it all.

So as at 28 of march, we had opportunity to chat and I told him about his attitude and how he do hurt me with his words thinking hw would apologize for us to be cool. But lo, he started blasting me again with his piercing words. I was hurt and I told him I need space to work on my self to be a better version or rather the kind of woman he disire since he’s never willing to accept me for who i am. and truly he gave me the space. But since then and uptil this very moment he never called me, he comes online so often but do not chat with me . I ve been the one calling him from time to time to check on him.

So pls I need advice because I’m tired and confused on weather to continue this relationship or not. because from what I have observed so far, I don’t think this guy deserves me or gonna ever take me for who I’m. Pls fams I need ur advice on what to do.
Note: I did not have s3x with him. But the last time we met we had a little romance.
Pls fams advice meon what to do🙏🙏 🙏 i will be at comment box.
Sorry for the long write up.

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  1. Hello sister. Pls leave him, you said this “don’t think this guy deserves me or gonna ever take me for who I’m”, pls leave him.

    You also said this “was hurt and I told him I need space to work on my self to be a better version or rather the kind of woman he disire since he’s never willing to accept me for who i am”, pls work on yourself cos its the right thing not cos of anyone. Good you haven’t had sex but pls stop any romance, romance and sex is for ONLY marriage, even though people do it, it still doesn’t make it right. GOD bless you.

  2. Just like you said, work on yourself and become a better person. Stop calling him and making him feel your happiness depends on him. You have given him too much privileges over your happiness. Let him be, and you will see that someone better will come your way. Marriage is a commitment from both partner. Never let anyone make you feel they are doing you a favour by marrying you. You are gold and should be appreciated as one.

  3. Although everyone is telling you to leave him. But I would tell you something else. Unbiased since we dint also hear from his side.

    I won’t say he seems tired tho. Also you need to work on yourself. I see am immature girl who is not yet balance. You have to stop playing games in relationships.

    I think both of you love yourselves but scared of putting yourself out. Hence the games both of you play.

    You need to get matured. If you keep on being like that. You would jus face the same thing in your next relationship. You don’t keep testing a man in a relationship, you don’t keep getting angry unreasonably then dont pick his calls.

    All those are games u should grow out of

  4. Please move on with your life. He doesn’t deserve you. He will keep taking advantage of your weakness. He just needs a better opportunity to have sex with you and trash him. Stop calling him. Stop checking up on him. You deserve better. I know it will be very difficult but just look for something to keep you busy and stop you from calling him and checking up on him.

    Sis you deserve better. Let him go. He doesn’t deserve you at all.

  5. Babes move on with your life.. you’re still too young to be bothering yourself about attention from boys… think of better things to do with your life and time and every other good thing will follow..best of luck.

  6. Nne the handwriting is written clearly and boldly on the wall, please you have to face your front,I keep saying it,I do not know how people define love ooo. This boy does not have your time at all. At 21 you should be thinking of how to study,work on yourself and be a better person. You don’t need a boyfriend ,what you need is a good man that will marry you,don’t be deceived by their sugar coated mouth,they keep promising marriage and making empty promises. Calm down the right man will come when it is time,okay. It is well with you


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