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My fiance paid with my ATM for another lady! Should i end the relationship?


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My fiance paid with my ATM for another lady! Should i end the relationship?


I have been with my broke boyfriend for 2years. He’s a nice guy, a graduate but have been searching for a job 5years after graduating

Recently he got a job in a private school as a security man where he earns 50k monthly.

I’m doing fine as I earn a salary of 300k. I’m the type that cherish love and loyalty. I have been the one taking care of him, I got most of his properties and I’m trying to raise some money to start up a side hustle for him

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Something happened few days ago, went to his house, we wanted to stock up the house , we wrote down things to get which amounted to 78,000naira, he obliged to go shopping as I was busy cooking. I received an alert of 145,000 and I was suprised. I kept my cool thinking maybe he added somethings

getting home I did not see any new item, when I asked him
He started stammering. Unknown to him later that day I went back to the supermarket and asked questions and was told he paid for a girl that came to buy things.
The cashier even told me that they exchanged contacts. I know the cashier well cus I constantly shop there, and over the months I had gotten fond of her. When I asked him who the lady was he denied until I told him everything and he began begging for forgiveness.. I intend to end everything with him. Pls am I overreacting?
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  1. My sister run ooo,I repeated run as far as your legs can carry you so you getting married to him don’t end up with had I know.His broke ass is even inconsiderate forgotten that that 78,000 he wants to use in stocking his house is not his and he had the boldness to shop for a lady forming big man ontop your money and even exchange contact to keep spending your money on the lady abi wetin.The lady will get home gisting her friends about the fool she met at the supermarket.Leave that guy he didn’t love you but your money.

  2. Your story be like lie lie story.

    Are you sure you are not exaggerating things so.

    Who would pay for a girl that jus came to buy stuff to the tune of that kind of amount.

    • Where you there to tell whether she is lying or not? Why not drop your advice or you just read and pass without spitting trash. Busy body because you haven’t seen or heard women spending on men while the men sit and do nothing and on top of that cheat on the women.

  3. Tell him To refund you the money he spent paying for the girl first. In fact, since he is an ungrateful ass hole, collect every of the things you have bought from him so that in his next relationship, he will value and treat the lady right.
    And please leave that parasitic guy. That relationship isn’t healthy for you.

  4. Hello sister, I am a guy, but I hate when a guy takes advantage of a lady’s kindness, PLS BREAK UP WITH HIM TOTALLY,don’t mind his apologies saying he loves you why will you even spend 78k on him.

    You said this ” I have been the one taking care of him, I got most of his properties and I’m trying to raise some money to start up a side hustle for him”, that guy is milking your cow big time, I know it’s good to love and show kindness in relationships but haven’t you heard of ladies been duped by guys, I heard of a lady that died in coma when she found out her boyfriend who she spends so much on travelled out after duping her, another borrowed bank loan for her guy, the guy ran off, she was paying back the loan with salary in the bank she works for. PLS WAKE UP, there are many men and women these days who can pretend to love you but it’s only to dupe you. PLS BREAK UP WITH HIM COMPLETELY. GOD bless you sister.

  5. Comment:these are the type of men that once they see money they forget the woman that suffered with them when they were nothing.

    • You are right my sister. Please dear break up with that sorry ass of a guy you call your boyfriend. He’s not good for anything. How can he spend your 145k on a lady? Even exchanging numbers with her ba?
      That guy has no shame and there’s no trust in the relationship.
      Please run as fast as your legs can carry you.


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