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Help! Am about to lose the love of my life because we are not from the same tribe.


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Help! Am about to lose the love of my life because we are not from the same tribe.


Hello, good evening sir

Help me post and Kindly hide my ID

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I’ll need some advice and prayers too

I’m 24 and I’ve been dating this guy for over 4 years now right from my university days.

We bonded so much that he became my best friend, brother and the only person I could confined in… We both love each other soooo much. After my service he enrolled me in a catering school so I won’t be jobless for the time being able he always says he wants the best for me.

We’ve had our ups and downs but d love grew stronger.

Whenever we have a misunderstanding he’s always d first to reconcile.

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He’s everything anyone could pray for…since we’ve been together he never cheated or even beat me… he’s indeed rare and one of a kind.


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But the issue I have now is that my family has refused us getting married because of our tribe… he’s Igala and I’m Yoruba.

I’ve tried talking to dem but to no avail…he even suggested he get me pregnant maybe they will accept but I declined and told him to give me time…the love didn’t stop we continued again but my family still decline. we’ve tried breaking up several times..but after few days we’ll get back again..I love him so much and so scared of losing him..

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But unfortunately he gave up because he feels time is not on his side and his family members are waiting for him to get married cuz he’s d first child…he’ll be 29 this year. I’m also d first child too…

He broke up again but it’s really hard to leave each other. But he’s at the verge on moving on.

Please what should I do?

Allow him get me pregnant and then we move or I should go with what my parents want… I’ve prayed, fasted and done midnight prayers for God’s Will but I’m Soo confused, tired and frustrated…

I have no one to help me convince my parents not even my extended family… what should I do please. Help me🥲


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  1. This is serious, don’t know why some parents like coming between two lovers. If he loves you,he has to hold on and see if they will change their mind. Yes let him hold on no matter the pressure from his family. Sorry for everything

  2. You don’t want to get pregnant so free the guy and let him move on with his life. You don’t love rather you want him for what you’re gaining from him.

  3. Get pregnant then your parents has no choice than to accept him , and he should be ready to the necessary marriage rites immediately . Trust me they will all corporate once u get pregnant for him unless your parents support abortion

  4. This is a major problem in Africa, you’re not allowed to marry people from different tribes even though you from the same country? this is discrimination, is like black and white issues in the states. My pastor is a Nigerian his wife is a Liberian, their marriage is one of the best I have even seen. If this was my situation and God says that’s he my husband I will get married. They will forgive you, some ungodly parents can be very difficult.


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