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Is he after my body? His attitude changed since i decline his sexual advancement.


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Is he after my body? His attitude changed since i decline his sexual advancement.



Good morning sir,

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Please post for me and hide my identity, am a lady of 24 years and I work for someone but my salary is just a peanut.  There is this young man that seems to be my business partner, he is a very good and jovial type that anytime he comes to my shop he will be very friendly to me. He buys things from us and at the end of the day I will be the one to go and collect the money in his shop, these has been going on for more than 3 years now since 2018 till date but we had nothing in common.

Now towards February ending this year   he bought a car and sent the picture of the car to me telling me the lord has (blessed us) with a car, I congratulated him and he invited me for the   celebration of the new car, and I told him I won’t be coming to his house he accepted. 2 days later I went out with him he bought drink for the celebration and we all celebrated and departed, note he didn’t ask me out .one week later he invited me for another outing and I went, that was when he told me what his intentions towards me is to date me but didn’t give him any reply so I also left that same day. One week later again he invited me.

So I went, with all hope that he wants to know if   I have accepted his request or not and I was ready to give him the answer that day which is yes. To my greatest surprise he took me to a guest house and negotiated with the people on entering there he directed me into one of the rooms but I decline and was mad at him, when I tried to enquire why he did that he said it was because he thought if he had invited me to his house I wouldn’t have accepted.

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So he apologized and I left. since that day till date he has never invited me even to his house or outing any longer when I ask him he will say he is always busy with business   meanwhile we see every day at work ,  only calls  and after that nothing more , one fateful day I chatted him up and asked him to help buy me afternoon food that I was very  hungry   he told me he hasn’t sold anything since morning that I shouldn’t worry before the day runs off he will find me something , I accepted ,and he never showed up throughout that  day.

he called me later in the night and didn’t say anything concerning his promise Either to show remorse or a kind of sorry I forgot, then the next day he chatted me up and I asked him why he didn’t show up, he just told me that I shouldn’t worry that old things has passed away. So when I tried to ask him why his attitude towards me changed he replied and said it’s not as if he doesn’t know what to do as a guy that he is having the feeling that I don’t love him please u people should help me by advising me because I was thinking I have seen a guy I could be in a relationship and confidant with but through his attitude now I don’t really know if he is for real, should I continue with the relationship? Or is quitting the best option ? Note we haven’t s3xed, am having this sensation that he is after my body, can my Guess be true? Please help a sister.

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  1. Who said you were in a relationship in the first place? Please leave that guy alone and think of how to grow your business, better yourself and become productive. When you are busy doing something, you won’t even remember if one unserious guy exist ,you are 24,think of the betterment of your life biko. God bless you

  2. Straight and short..uncle is after your body and I think you should forget about him plus stop asking him questions about why he is doing what he’s doing..

  3. You don’t need anyone to tell you he is after your body. Stop collecting anything from him, give him distance. Don’t fall for any of his trap, remember rape is real. GOD bless YOU.


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