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She Is Pregnant For Another Guy But In Love With Me.. Please Help!!!


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She Is Pregnant For Another Guy But In Love With Me.. Please Help!!!



I met this girl last week, we discussed for a while then i let my intentions known to her… She accepted and fell in love with me…

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TBH i loved her too unconditionally, after 3days she paid me a visit, we talked, got to know each other better and ended up having an epic romance but no s3x because i had no condom at home when she visited….

Yesterday she visited again and i heard the worst news i never expected…

As we were talking she was just staring in space, i noticed and asked her what is bothering her,, she was reluctant to open up but after persuading her she open up to me…..

She told me that she came here to hustle but along the line she discovered that she is pregnant, she called her bf and told him but he ended up telling her to take care of her self that he is not ready for any pregnancy issue… After some days she called him again but his number was switched off.. Since then she have not heard from him…

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Now the problem is that she wants to terminate the pregnancy but i talked her out of it because it’s a 50/50 something… She agreed to keep it but since yesterday i have been thinking of how to continue with her, I don’t know whether to end the Relationship or to still keep her so her sanity would still be intact… She looks so disturbed, betrayed and depressed but she told me that anytime she is around me she feels comfortable because i was still showing her love and caring despite her condition…

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My brothers and gentle men i need your input because i am confused….


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  1. Seriously?
    How do you know that she’s truly pregnant?
    Like how many months gone is she?
    So she had a boyfriend before you both were playing romance?
    How well do you know this girl?
    Hope she’s being truthful to you so that you don’t get involved in other people’s messes.


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