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The Big Curses She Laid On My Head. Did I Do Anything Wrong?


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The Big Curses She Laid On My Head. Did I Do Anything Wrong?


There’s this neighbor of mine , He used to be an Abuja based but work made him relocate to Lagos

To cut the Long story short we became friends after a while and we do chilli and Go out together . Although he is 5 years older than me .

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He told me of his intentions to settle down as soon as possible which is right considering the fact that he is financially stable plus not getting younger ,

He recently met this babe around where we both stay and they started going out , I didn’t think it was something serious until he revealed to me that he wants to marry her .

Now the issue here is that I used to know a guy that once dated the babe and after they broke up the guy revealed to me the crazy things they did and he also mentioned some of his friends that have tasted the babe in the same area too , I almost toasted her myself back then just to get a piece of the cookie but I later ignored the thought ,

So when my friend told me he wants to marry her ,It broke my heart because I felt he deserved more than a lady who had been used many times especially where he lives , Although at first I didn’t want to tell him but I later opened up to him and the guy felt bad because he loves the babe but he thanked me , (Unknown to me that he had gone far as meeting the babe parents).

Long story short My friend broke up with her and the babe called me up ,laying curses on my head, Strong curses saying I won’t know peace for destroying her relationship..

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How she got to know I was the one who told her boyfriend I didn’t know.

I blocked her numbers and warned her not to call me again because the curses were too much and she was actually crying why cursing me

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Those curses and tears got me feeling uncomfortable and I have been wondering if I did anything wrong.

Was I wrong for interfering ?..Truth is I would have felt betrayed if my friend knows some secrets about my fiancee and he didn’t tell,I was only putting myself in his shoes

P.s I need you honest opinion ….


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  1. Hello Bro. You did the RIGHT thing, ignore her, that kind of lady will cheat and cheat on her husband, you acted like a good friend to that your neighbour, how are you even sure that while both of them were dating, the lady wasn’t messing around, I would have done same if it we’re me too. So bro forget her. Why are you even bothered about it. GOD bless you man.

    • You guys saying he did right telling on her did you read properly what he wrote? According to his write up he was ‘told’, not that he saw or he had is way himself and the TOLD was done by her ex, if they weren’t true you are done for. Because sometimes area matter end up not true, when you get to know the person. there was a case like this growing up in my area, this girl was call a prostitute almost by everybody, a guy came from abroad and wanted a girl to play with, he was told she was loose that he should go for her, he wanted a piece of the cake, so he took her out and forced him self on her only to find out that she was a virgin, so he married her. you should have confirmed if your story was true before opening your mouth.

  2. Nna let me just tell you,you see those curses are pronouncement from the pit of hell,it does not and will not have any effect on you even if she goes diabolical, it will not work. She is reaping the consequences of #Keziah,next time she will learn to be descent and stop area hawking of her body. Abeg no allow that one bother you jare,God bless you for telling your friend oooo,I know some people will say you should have minded your business but not in this case bro,you did well.

  3. You did wrong..no one ask you to judge her and report her..you went too far.there are better ways to handle issues that are sensitive as this. all sins are equal in the sight of God and if irrespective of her past God chose to look upon her with mercy and bless her with a good man it’s non of your business.. what makes you different from her..you wanted her before if not that you changed your mind.
    She made a mistake in the past and you decided to be her night mare and the hindrance to her blessing..

    You need to go ask her for forgiveness even if we know those curses will not work on you.. what you did is evil and condemnable in every way…you no try at all..

  4. What was your intention in telling your friend about the lady?
    Even if he’s head messed around intentionally or not how was that your problem? You even wanted to taste what your fellow guys had been tasting.
    You’re totally wrong!
    The relationship was between the two adults who I guess were obviously not virgins. It would have been the responsibility of the girl to have told her Man about her past and not you.
    All those men that have been sleeping with her and gossiping her did you go ahead to tell their wives or wives to be what they had done with other women?

    Your intentions were wrong!
    Apologize to the lady in question and mind your business next time.

    He who is without stone should cast the first stone.
    In as much as I don’t like the way she rained curses on you, you were wrong.


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