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Help! Am afraid my girl friend will divorce me after marriage with her strange behavior now


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Help! Am afraid my girl friend will divorce me after marriage with her strange behavior now


Good afternoon everyone, please conceal my identity and post for me.
I and my fiance we have known each other for 21yrs now, dated for 3yrs and I propose to her this feb. I was about to do her introduction by March this year but she said I should give her time until she finish with her clearance in school so she would join for service this June and I accepted I went and told the mum that we should postpone the introduction till may.
But recently my partner started acting so strange because I was to give her money for the clearance but later it didn’t enter as I expected.

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So she got angry and started behaving strange, to the point she started talking to me anyhow I pleaded with her to have patience till I received my next salary but she keep on behaving strange to the point she had her Convocation without informing me until I call her the night to the Convocation before she now told me. And this is a distance relationship she only visit once in 4month though the distance is not far. I become angry because of her not inviting me for her Convocation.
It go to the point she told me that people has been asking her if I will be able to take care of her just because am a PRIEST.
At least there is no month I will not send part of my salary to her just for keep up but yet she is not still satisfy because I disappointed her that time by not giving her the money I promise her.

She had stop calling me, if I drop a chat for her she will not respond
If I call she will not pick but later she will give an excuse that she was busy.
Last week she wanted to waybill the engagement ring I gave to her to me and I ask her if it had gotten to that extent she said yes that she want to return the engagement ring so she can move on, I said to her no problem that I will go to AKTC park to collect the ring but she didn’t send it to me. At this point am scared of the future. Because I don’t like someone to threaten me in relationship, every little misunderstanding she will said I will quit, I can beg a man to love me, I can’t suffer in the hand of any man.

I love her because she is not a flirt type, she is honest with it come to relationship but her recent character has chaste me away.
But the mum is nice to me though she doesn’t know that we are having serious of misunderstanding every time.
Am scared already because I feel if I marry her she will divorce me at the end because of the signs and signal am seeing now.
Even when she later apologize that she was testing me by saying she want to return the engagement ring to me. Though I don’t believe it.

Please your advice is needed because am scared I don’t need a woman that will divorce me when we make little misunderstanding because of what am seeing now.. Thank you.

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  1. Your girl is not matured, she can be pushed and convinced around easily. She needs to be firm and also to know what she really want from a man that will become her husband. She has been allowing what other people say to rule her stand in the relationship. You better take a break and watch out,thank God you said you don’t want divorce, so a broken relationship is better than divorce oooo. Dont rush anything, don’t rush her,it is well with you

  2. Honestly I don’t think you are serious. You are giving money monthly from you salary, and you couldn’t give her one time and she started giving you attitude..let me ask you, is it your duty to give your girlfriend money, when will some of you guys learn, I’m sure you don’t give your Dad Mum and siblings money like you give your girlfriend. I ask you, doesn’t she have parents, can’t she work, don’t worry keep giving her money, you can even borrow money to give her. You are more than this Bro. It’s not your duty to take care of any lady ok. Pls free her, forget her but I doubt you will, cos I don’t think you are really mature. GOD bless you.


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