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How My Wife Is Disgracing My Family To Achieve Her Dreams At Any Cost


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How My Wife Is Disgracing My Family To Achieve Her Dreams At Any Cost


I have been married for seven years now. My wife’s family were against our marriage because I am not Igbo but at the time, things were ok for me. I wanted to travel abroad but that was my wife’s dream too. We planned that after marriage, I would relocate and she would join me abroad but things changed after marriage.

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I got involved in MMM that year and lost all my money. I almost gave up but thank God I still had my full time job, so we had to suspend the relocation plan at the time. My wife became a full time house wife. Not by design but she said she cannot work a full time job. I used to give her monthly upkeep allowance so she did not need money but when I lost all my money to MMM, she said she wanted to start a catering business because she trained as a caterer. But her business has never contributed anything substantial to our upkeep.

Later, she started to make buns and pastries to sell. That caused issues for us because, she started to flirt in the name of making pastries deliveries. I noticed it and everyone around me noticed it. She would be getting all kinds of male attention and she never respected herself or me as her husband to say no to those men trying to talk to her.

I had to insist that she stop the business and stay at home. That means, she now rely on me for every penny. And because I do not earn much, the insult is much. Every time insulting me for not providing heaven and earth for the family. I told her I am doing my best and cannot steal or do anything criminal to satisfy her.

Last year, we had to move into a smaller apartment because I could not keep up with the house rent al by myself. Things went from bad to worse. Then, I found out that as soon as I leave home for work, my wife will go to my neighbor’s apartment. The neighbor is a single mother and sometimes she leaves her son with us when she has to go to work as a nurse.

However, when she is on night duty, she stays at home and my wife and her spend the whole day gossiping as far as I am concerned. Two days ago, my landlord called me at work to come home quickly. My wife was fighting this Nurse neighbor. It was a fight of shame because this Nurse was accusing my wife of trying to steal her man friend.

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When I returned home that evening, what I was told was that, the times the Nurse was on duty, her man friend would visit knowing she is not around but he would come to sleep with my wife. My wife denied all of it but the Nurse said that she saw a text message on her man’s phone and it was from my wife.

My wife was calling him sweetheart in the text and she was calling him sugar. That she cannot wait to see him to f**k her. She confronted her man and the man said it was my wife throwing herself at him. That she is freely offering him s*x for money. The man said its nothing serious. The man everyone knows is a goat who cannot keep himself from anything in skirts.

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The nurse also accused my wife of trying to do anything to relocate out of Naija. Nurse said my wife has been begging her to introduce her to agents that take women to Italy and European countries to become prostitutes. That my wife is desperate to do anything for money and leave this country and leave me with our two children.

My wife was busy crying fake tears, saying this Nurse was lying and trying to frame her because she is jealous of her. Right now, shame has finished me. My wife that has never called me any sweet words. She barely allows me to sleep with her yet she is sleeping with another man. I know I promised her to relocate abroad but things turned around and its nothing I can do about that right now.

But if this is how she wants to be disgracing me, maybe its best we divorce. She is still denying everything but I believe every word that the Nurse said. My wife wants to find herself abroad by all means and God knows the extent she would go to get what she wants. And because of that, I cannot trust her anymore. And if I cannot trust her anymore, what is the use of still being married to her?

Please advise.





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How My Wife Is Disgracing My Family To Achieve Her Dreams At Any Cost
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  1. Nawaooo,do we still have some married women who are like this? This is not good at all, I will advise you call a family meeting, her family and your family, you need to tell them your mind and she needs to be cautioned. She needs to start respecting you as the man whether you have enough or not, what rubbish? She is just a disgrace,gossip and very cheap. Set concrete goals in your marriage, ask her if she still wants to continue with the marriage or not, her response will tell you the next step to take. Sorry bro,it is well with you.

  2. Family meeting ASAP, her head needs to be reset and if she is not ready to adjust, leave her to go and explore but not in your house.


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