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How Do I Leave A Single Mother Without Hurting Her?


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How Do I Leave A Single Mother Without Hurting Her?


Hey guys,

I met this Canadian girl online we started talking, all was casual till we vibed well and she developed massive love for me. Each day she confesses how she liked me, think about me and all that. The thing is that she is taking it too far thinking we are dating or maybe I will marry her but I never asked her out we have just been friends.

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The girl respects me, does anything I asked her and even promised to assist bring any member of my family to Canada don’t know if she is serious though.

But the thing is that I have my own spec when it comes to girls and don’t intend marrying her..

Please how do I leave her without her getting hurt, as it seems am trapped

Note: I never asked her out.. attached is a message she just sent now and I laughed..

How Do I Leave A Single Mother Without Hurting Her?

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  1. You ought to have made your intentions clear or known to her either by words,action or body language. You made her believe you were interested and now she is thinking about you. Call her and tell her your mind, there is nothing to be ashamed of,the earlier you let her know now ,the better for you. Do not accept anything from her ,even when she wants or promises anything, please tell her your mind now,thank you


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