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Update! How I Finally Left This Single Mother And Learnt Lessons


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Update! How I Finally Left This Single Mother And Learnt Lessons


Hey Guys,

I created this thread to thank and update you guys how my strong closeness with the single mother ended after receiving advice here….

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Previous thread:How Do I Leave A Single Mother Without Hurting Her?

Before I start I want to correct the negative impression a lot of you had thinking I was chatting with her in Nigeria> FYI me and her live in the same city in Canada but I met her through a popular dating site.

So after the brilliant advice from the previous thread which I remained grateful to everyone that contributed. I messaged her two days later on Instagram to come let’s talk. She arrived at my apartment and called to tell me that she was trapped in the snow mud with her car and I had to come out and labor that night in a wicked cold weather to make sure I brought out her car which I did and she went gaga the more heaping all kinds of romantic praises on me.

Later on, we started discussing and I told her respectfully that I needed time to think through our friendship as I wasn’t ready for something serious/relationship which she is gunning for, since I noticed she became too obsessed and close with me that a day does not pass without her thinking about me or messaging. As I talked to her she remained quiet of course I knew she was disappointed and didn’t look happy cause that was not what she expected. Then after, I jokingly told her a family friend saw her photo on my WhatsApp (false) and became interested in knowing her she was quiet and kept listening till I finished and then one hour later she said she was going.

When she got home she wrote me that she has seen I needed my space and time and that she would move on with her life but saying she doesn’t like the idea of telling her about someone else when it was me she had feelings for.. which I apologized.

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Since then she became quiet kinda saying I friend zoned her though I didn’t, hardly writes me and does not think of visiting me or whatsoever. But I recently called her to “extend an olive branch” since she wasn’t cool about my friend I told her, and she was rather interested in knowing why I called her to appear saying she thought I would define what we are or ask her for a relationship having known for months and all that which I maintained my stand.

At the end, she mentioned everything I said boils down to her distancing herself from me so I will have my time and do my thing. Few minutes later she stood up to leave and I walked her down, she entered her car and left.

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I felt for her then but I know she is fine now. The thing is that I do not likely see myself settling with her as I have my reasons, plans and spec in a babe.. yes I liked her and we vibe and crack sometimes but I got to be honest with her as was advised here.. again she is so sensitive probably her Canadian lifestyle.

Thankfully its over and we are free.. most importantly I have learnt some lessons but above all I wish her well.

When next I see one I will recall this incident and keep calm



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