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Help Me Before I Make The Greatest Mistake Pls


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Help Me Before I Make The Greatest Mistake Pls


I’m a single mother in my early thirties, my daughter is just 2year old and the father is not ready to marry me or take any responsibility on her but still hiding me and his secret wife and won’t let me go but I have decided to leave becos he’s no adding any value to my life n my daughter’s either.

Fast forward
I met a guy online who claims he lives in the US and I discovered I like him since I’ve met him and now he said we should settle down and marry. I own a duplex in a choice area in Lagos, completed though still small loan I’m paying on it. I agreed to settle down with him but since I told him he can’t stay in my house that he needs to get a house, he started acting funny.

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The second one, I asked him to show me proof of ID or his work ID, for me to be sure he’s who claimed he is, he changed it for me. I tried to let him know that I’m just trying to be careful, don’t want to fall prey again but he won’t listen to me. He stopped calling and when I call him, he will return my call after like 5hours.

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Pls advise me, is it polite for a man to marry and come stay in a woman’s house because he said he will soon travel back? This is someone I like to support to get another apartment somewhere else but I haven’t told him that. He has really changed in days.

No insult pls…pls ignore rather than insult me pls.

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  1. The fact that you are a single mum who of course is in her early thirties shouldn’t make you accommodate anyhow man,don’t be desperate to get married, if I were you I will concentrate more on how to take care of my beautiful daughter and focus more on myself and career . Take a chill pill,don’t rush the process,don’t repeat same mistake you have already made,do not allow any man take advantage of you or your situation of being a single mum,being a single mum is not a crime and getting married quickly shouldn’t make you devastated. God bless you sweetheart, warmest regards to you beautiful daughter. Note, do not allow any man live with you and your daughter in your house, if he is serious to marry you, make him rent him own house,you hear me so?

  2. Don’t fall prey to a gold digger. He looks very like one.
    If he can’t show you proof of being responsible, forget him.
    Don’t allow yourself to be beaten again

  3. Honestly, the man is not sincere. Please, don’t make another mistake. He might be a good digger. Why did you even open up to him and he cannot not open up
    Please, ruuuuuuuuuun!!!!!!!!

  4. Yes marriage is a good thing but there must be sincerity and commitment from both partners. A man marrying you is not doing you a favour, he is marrying you because you are worth it. So don’t feel pressured into any relationship take your time and choose well. Choose someone of your caliber and level, don’t manage any man just because he wants to marry you.
    These men you mentioned don’t sound genuine please be very careful especially with people you meet online research them very well before disclosing anything intimate about yourself.


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