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My Wife’s Sister Is About To Crash My Marriage


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My Wife’s Sister Is About To Crash My Marriage



I really need help and strategies to handle this matter. My wife sister came three weeks ago to live with us. She is 22 yrs. My problems now is her dressing mode which my wife is not careful about.

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This lady always wear see-through singlets and night gowns. She has big breasts and always displaying them. I don’t know how I will tell my wife to talk her sister to cover herself. She may feel bad that I’m attracted to her sister.

During the sallah holiday, I was with her alone because my wife don’t holiday in her place of work, I have to leave the house and stay in the accommodation given to me in my place of work.

This morning, I carried my undies to wash, she crossed me and told me to give it to her to wash, the towel she tied because she was going to bathroom before was removing and showing her full breasts and she never worry about that.

Our marriage is just one year and I never cheated on my wife and she trusted me but her sister is really giving me emotional trauma. Can you imagine, yester night, my wife went to a programme, I was with her. So I called her around 8 pm that we should pray and go to bed. This lady came with a see-through night gown with a push up bra that put all breasts outside. Even her pant color was visible. I tried to control myself….

Even this morning, she came for prayer with the same gown and my wife did not caution her…..
How can I handle this matter?

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  1. Oga what the mess are you saying? Who is paying the rent of that house? You or your wife,or your wife’s sister?It is obvious you like what you have been seeing ,I pray you don’t get tempted and destroy your marriage. Somebody of that age is naive and needs to be cautioned, tell her outrightly to stop or you send her away,yeye man that doesn’t know what to do,can’t you even call your wife to order since she is so blind to see what her sister is up to. You better be warned,the earlier you stop her from achieving her aim which is to sleep with you the better for you and your young marriage. Peace

  2. Sir pls call your wife and tell her to caution her sister to dress properly at home or she leaves the house, the sister is doing Everything on purpose and its possible your wife is trying to set you up and see if you will fall for the trap or she’s just innocent of the younger sisters scheme.

  3. Tell her straight away, that girl knows what she is doing. She is not innocent at all. Do something now before you fall for her traps. I advise she leaves your house, your marriage is too young for such external pressure

  4. So you don’t know what to do. When you now commit adultery, you will come here to be asking for advice. Send her away NOW. GOD bless you man.

  5. I would advise you that you use that prayer meeting she comes to, to confront her in your wife’s presence. Tell her to her face to get out and dress properly and and that if she wants to stay in your house she should never dress provocatively again. Then watch the reaction of your wife, if it’s a set up you will detect, if she is ignorant you will get the true picture. It’s after you really understand what is going on that you can now tell your wife when she is alone with you, that if she is interested in the success of her marriage she should call her sister to order or send her back to wherever she came from. Please don’t keep quiet on it else you will fall for her and the whole family would put the blame on you. Lastly if your wife is adamant, involve your parents and hers. Safe your head.


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