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Can’t Get Her Off My Mind, I Need Help!!


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Can’t Get Her Off My Mind, I Need Help!!


Hey everybody, So I have this issue that you all can help me with. I stay in Akure in my late twenties doing okay at work and all. Then my sister’s husband called me to assist him with a favour saying his cousin who is a single mother (though her child is with the father at Jos) will be coming to Akure because she has a 7 months contract with one of these big farms here so she might need a place to crash for the weekend till the firm gets a temporary accommodation where she will be staying.

The long and short of the matter is that she has been in my place for the past 3 months and she has been really nice and maybe I might have caught some feelings along the way and we might have had a one night stand which might have been one of the most amazing nights for me since I’m so busy that I don’t get to have much social life.

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Now, here is the thing!!! After that night, I have made several attempts to get her on but to no avail, always rejecting the offer and threaten to report to her cousin. She might be older than me, almost sure of that and she is quite pretty. Before that night, I also asked her to be FwB (Friends with Benefit) which she didn’t have a problem with that so it is not as if I forced it on her……… I really told her that I needed a companion, she actually made me realized that (FYI, no serious relationship).

She is nice and really kind (She might have a bf somewhere though). I just want to know what I did wrong since she can’t tell me and how I can remedy that without making her feel uncomfortable in my place.


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  1. Come this man,that lady only came to crash in your place for 7 months okay so let her be. Haba,can’t someone be fine again, please respect yourself and get a lady for yourself outside, leave her alone,isn’t it obvious that she is not interested? Nawaoo,so you cannot help her without throwing advances at her okwaya,don’t know what this world Is turning into,just because she is a single mother and that makes you feel she will fall for your advances, abi. Be careful


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