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Accommodating An Insolent Girl


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Accommodating An Insolent Girl


Good day NLers, please I need your take on this.
I’m a student in one of Nigeria’s prominent public universities.

A girl decided to vie for admission in my school via the predigree programme but she had no accommodation. Because of the relationship between my parents and hers, I offered to take her in from January till now

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I offered a roof over her head.

The first night she came, she slept on the floor and I wasn’t okay with that, the following night, I told her she could have the bed, I vacated my bed and relegated myself to sleeping on the floor, we can’t share same bed since she’s neither my babe nor sister. And this sleeping routine has continued ever since then. The floor is my new bed

I gave her my spare key, uncensored access to my kitchen and everything within my legal occupancy.
Cut long story short, last week Tuesday she woke up, had her bath, ate then stepped out briefly, when she returned we were outta water. Tap water of course. She called my attention to it to which I remained calm. Meanwhile I hadn’t eaten neither had I bathed. At noon, she came to me that she was hungry but couldn’t cook due to unavailability of water, I then asked her if I am to fetch her water??!.

She said she was gonn take food stuff to her friend’s place (upstairs) to cook.
I replied by asking how many of her friends had lacked water and brought food stuff to cook here??!

She got angry and took some money and left

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That same Tuesday, I went to see Chelsea game, when I returned, I asked her if she cooked but she didn’t dignify me with her attention talk more of a response.
I thought it was rude but considered it as one of the many tantrums of ladies

The following morning, she woke up, acted like I don’t exist, couldn’t greet… had her bathe and left. Returned, unlocked the door, walked in like I wasn’t there, ate, left to her friend’s place.

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On Thursday she repeated the routine, I called her back when she was going out, I asked her if she considered me as her father, brother or boyfriend that she’d wake up and start throwing attitudes…
I made her understand that I am her benefactor.
Hardly did I finish before she left. She returned and continued in same path and that has continued till this very moment…

Last night she didn’t sleep at home, when she returned in the morning, she unlocked the door with her spare, walked in, ate, brushed, dressed and walked out without a single word e come be like say I be ghost.

What I did, I changed the locks, took some stuff, sealed my door with strict instructions to the caretaker then moved to a friends place outside my lodge and I’ve been there ever since.

She has returned and has been calling my line but I’ve been ignoring…

Now, is my action too harsh or still in line??!


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  1. I am still wondering what sort of parent will allow her daughter share the same room with a man. From her actions she is not cultured at all pls ask her to come and pick up her things.


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