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Help! I Want To Leave My ‘Ogbanje’ Wife


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Help! I Want To Leave My ‘Ogabje’ Wife



I had a decent job before I met her and I was responsible for all the decisions I took, which mostly led to favourable outcomes.
However when I met her and began a relationship, I wasn’t having the freedom I needed. Any decision I wanted to take without her authorization always ended badly. For example there was a period I wanted to jointly rent an apartment with a male friend of mine. She strongly opposed this but I still went ahead to pay rent. Unfortunately for me, within four months my friend had some issues with landlord and we were both evicted from the apartment. (although I got compensated)

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Another instance was when I got paid some bonuses from company and decided to invest in some crypto projects during their ICOs (in 2017). I did some market analysis of these crypto projects before my decision to invest, only for her to advice me against it. She said we should instead, use the money to start farming. I didn’t listen to her and went ahead to invest. THE RESULT: the investment that was supposed to take me to the moon now became more worthless than tissue paper! I shed tears because of this.

I now decided to get rid of her, but all plans of mine proved abortive. The more I tried to get her out of my life, the more we were brought together. Can you believe that the day I finally proposed to her was the very same day I tried to make out with an old girlfriend?

A friend of mine went to consult an ifa priest, who told him that my fiance has a cloud of good fortunes around her. But I don’t believe in those spiritual mumbo-jumbos! I was determined to leave her. This made me begin applying for jobs in other states and towns, but nothing came forth. I even went for interview/test but didn’t scale through. Some weeks later, she told me that she wasn’t in support of me getting job in another town (she says she was scared of losing me).

Did you know? the time I decided to remove the thoughts of leaving her from mind and fully accept her into my life, was the time that I finally got a better job in another city!

We got married in 2019 and I was of the mindset that since she may be an ogbanje, therefore things would work in my favour and I would become a millionaire very quickly, but that’s not the case.

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Since marriage, any decision I take without her approval always leads to disaster!
I wanted to invest in a partnership deal and told her about it but she disapproved and said I should save the money instead. I went ahead to invest and I lost 400k!  Same for other decisions in the house, the outcome was always negative whenever I don’t heed her advice.

I hate all this! I’m a full grown man. Why should my life be based on the decisions of a woman? I feel like I’m no longer in control of my life.
I’m about to take a car loan from my company in order to escape this constant public commute and trekking but she has vehemently disapproved, that I should instead save for another year or two before buying car. But I still won’t listen to her! If the loan ends in a disaster, I have decided that I would abandon this marriage and relocate to another country. A country where voodoo and religious mumbo-jumbo do not exist, so that I can be in full control of my life!

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…….PS: we have a year old baby girl. Maybe I could be sending monthly upkeep from this new country I intend to relocate to.

Able readers, is my final decision a good one?


Photo Credit: Nigerian News-Nigerian Newspaper



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  1. And you will try to escape and be denied visa everytime
    Biko find the root of the problem, maybe through a trusted man of God or go into prayers yourself search scriptures and Begin to prophecy, meditate and speak the word of God into your life… It may not be instant but trust me, you will notice little wins gradually, then big ones and break from this whatever it is called or get full knowledge of what you are into…. Trust me true revelation must happen…

  2. Let’s try something simple before you make your final decision.
    Try and heed to one of her suggestions and see the outcome for yourself. Listen to her and allow her to be in charge a little and then, weigh the result. You never can tell what the result might be. There is nothing wrong with women leading, the thing is the pride that stands in the way of men.

  3. My husband was like you. He lost millions of Naira doing his thing. He even went as far as ordering a car from the US against my wish. He eventually sold the car for 400k.
    My hubby lost over 14 years of his life counting losses that goes outside my wish.
    The secret:
    When your wife ask you to do something, she fervently backs it up with prayers, and then you succeed. But if she disagrees against your plan, she doesn’t really care if you need a back up prayer or not, also she gets upset when you go against her wish.
    It’s been a year my husband had completely surrendered. And he is counting his blessings.
    He wished he listened to me.

  4. What do you mean by the statement “I hate all this! I’m a full grown man. Why should my life be based on the decisions of a woman”..woman can make you and destroy you… let me tell you if you don’t know ‘you sound like someone who thinks he have it all figured out while you aren’t’ ..you should be grateful you have someone who advise you and you can lean…you married her because you wanted to use her becuse you believe in voodoo and religious mumbo-jumbo and have little faith that you will become rich quickly…mr man it cant work for you!! you don’t even like her because she tells you the truth ..you don’t know the worth of what u have or deserve what you have..because you have something under makes you a man but it doesnt make you a real man….

  5. I think you are just being superstitious. How did you come about the notion of her being Ogbanje? I think you need to work on your mind and also drop your ego.
    First build up your mind with the Word of God. The word of God will help you get rid of those negative thoughts
    Secondly don’t see your wife as your enemy, love and respect her and pray together has a family. The Bible says he that finds a wife has found a good thing and obtain favour in the eyes of God. Your wife has wisdom and God has blessed you. Celebrate her.

  6. The way you sounds, you are a true definition of men that have pride. You are the rude type of men that doesn’t involves women in decision making.

    Because your wife is given you reasonable advise it is now her fault. There are truckloads of guys out there who are looking for a virtuous woman like your wife but they can’t find one.

    Instead of you to take her advise for the benefits and growth of your marriage but you are here planning evil. Hear me, stop thinking with your anus. Those things that she previously advised you on, was it not the things that turn bad against you?

    If you don’t grow up guy, you will never succeed in putting her in any emotional pains you are planning to do, instead you will keep wallowing in disaster until you learn to behave like man, “real men listen to their wives good advice, that is why God made women to be our companion”.

    Finally, your wife is a God sent, she was sent into your life to guide you. listen to her and see how things will fall into right places and thank me later!

  7. Since you can’t imagine taking advice from a woman because you think a woman should not have a voice, then keep counting your losses

  8. Brotherly, try and need to one of her advice first and see the outcome, she might be your good priest if only I believe in her…don’t go anyway


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