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My husband set me up


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My husband set me up


There is this man who began chatting with me around April. The man is handsome and with money. He began showering me with nice messages and slowly graduated to gifts. We hadn’t met but finally we met and I liked him more. Slowly we began planning on some romantic out and finally we booked a hotel out of town. I took myself there, weekend daytime. I had lied to my husband am going to visit a cousin of mine who lives there.

We got to the hotel and went to the room. We showered and we got to bed. However just as we began having romance, the door got banged so hard. The man seemed scared but went to open the door. My husband came inside and found me naked. He told me: now I have proven that you aren’t faithful to me. He told me it was all a set up to try me since he has always suspected me that I would cheat given the chance.

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The man admitted it was true he was hired to try me. He dressed up and both my husband and him left. I felt so much ashamed I didn’t go home but went to my mothers place and haven’t told her why am there. The children are with my husband.

How do I solve this one? Am so confused I blame myself though.
Pls leave your comments in the comments section.


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  1. You don’t even sound remorseful with what you have done,you started the music so dance to it. What were you thinking in the first place? Even if you continue begging him how will he forgive and forget? It was all planned out, you had the got to lie to your husband, left your children and travelled to another town,he is rich and showered you with gifts and that enticed you abi? Don’t have any advise for you rather than await the next action from your husband, it is either in two ways
    *He forgives and allows you stay because of the children but note when he cheats don’t blame him
    * He sends you away with the children then you have to look for where to go to,peace be unto you.

  2. Wow…he has really gotten you so bad.

    Well, it seems like you have been cheating on him that’s why he intensionally set a trap for you and you fell in.

    Men really find it difficult to forgive a cheating woman most especially if you have been doing it more often.

    One of the solution here is that, if you are ready to change from your sinful act, talk to God and pray over it. Involved your husband’s pastor to meet him privately.

    Wish you a successful outcome!

  3. Beg him to forgive you, and get my closely to God and be prayerful, open up to your mother and sincerely beg your husband.

  4. It’s obvious you’ve been cheating on your husband even b4 d trap. He only wanted to clear his doubts and u helped him achieve that with so much ease.

    Repent and surrender yourself totally to God first and then be ready for whatever action your husband take

    I wish you well


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